25 record labels to follow in 2023 (Part 4)

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We are happy to bring to you the 4th Part of our list of ROminimal & micROhouse record labels to follow in 2023 (Part 4)

Part 4 of our expedition into the universe of ROminimal & micROhouse gathers momentum and we hope you will join us for the ride. This present list uncovers a new set of 25 record labels that showcase the modern aspects of house and techno music with a proven distinct vision. With vinyl crackles or digital precision, these labels meticulously curate auditory tales, inviting listeners to explore captivating sonic realms smoothly crafted with high attention to detail by many rising or established artists worldwide.

Here, each release is a testament to the symbiotic relationship between sound and art, rhythm and texture, emotion and vision. With a mastery that blurs the lines between tradition and innovation, each venture is instrumental in propelling those genres forward in collaboration with forward-thinking producers and DJs as well as electronic music enthusiasts alike.

21th Street Records – Entoniu & Agape

Founded in 2020 by Entoniu & Agape, 21 Street Records is focused on showcasing the Italian duo’s own productions as well as inspiring works from artists like Alex Fuente, 2AcidSimone TagliabueRadu MiricaDragoshCL-ljudMarcelo RosselotEveline FinkRobert ApetreiAlexi Delano, Danilo Schneider, Marcelo Rosselot, Alex Baciu and Conclave, among others. Now, the label counts 23 titles and more will arrive soon.

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After Caposile & Caposile Music

After hosting numerous parties guested by renowned local and international artists from the underground electronic music scene, the famous Italian venue After Caposile launched its record label counterpart Caposile Music, showcasing multiple nuances of the minimal techno and microhouse genres. The club room and garden space are located in Venice alongside the Piave River, offering a unique place to have unforgettable experiences starting from as early as 7 AM and long into the afterhours. Among the many artists that performed here we also find names like Gene On Earth, Raresh, Nu Zau, Sepp, tINI, Dyed Soundorom, Traumer, Margaret Dygas and East End Dubs.

So far the label’s vinyl catalogue featured amazing music signed by Francesco Maddalena, Marco Dez, Alessio Viggiano, Yaar Kü, Maggio, Silat Beksi, Oden & Fatzo, DeWalta, Super Moon (Priku & Arapu), Mihai Pol, Giuliano Lomonte and Sublee.

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Aurum by Telum

The new sprout-off label Aurum coming from the renowned and mysterious vinyl-only imprint Telum already features three viny-only releases featuring Mihai Pol, Nu Zau and an undisclosed artist. The team behind these platforms recently announced a fresh side venture titled Novum, with Post Play behind the first release.

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Body Parts Records – Olga Korol

Olga Korol has been running her label Body Parts Records (also known as BPrecs) for more than 12 years, including the sub-labels Tooloop, BP Mind Series, BP Vinyl and BP Digital. The platforms host producers from all over the world and also include her own musical vision.

The ventures are also keeping busy throwing regular label showcases and parties around Europe. The main imprint is part of the Moscow-based Deepology family, founded in early 2007 by DJ Electric (Konstantin Lyubimov) and DJ One (Alex Dovnar).

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Bosom LTD – Pedro Pires

Based in Braga, Portugal, Bosom LTD is widely known for its amazing vinyl-only releases which always drop in a limited number of copies as well as for its precisely calculated discographic expansion. Until now the catalogue packs timeless works from Kirik & Alia PalantSpiri:tual, Raru, Enivrez Vous & OTR, Antelope Cruz, Cirkel SquarePetit Batou and Prajescu.

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Bread And Butter Recordings – Max Frisina

Founded in 2018 by Max Frisina, London-based imprint Bread And Butter Recordings is truly committed to bringing forward top-quality underground electronic music only in vinyl format and a limited number of copies.

The catalogue so far showcases a solo EP signed by Silat Beksi and six Various Artists compilations featuring artists like Guido Schneider, Clive Henry & Blind Minded, Bryz, Lukea, Constratti, Rowlanz, DoubtingThomas, Direkt, Sublee, Vern, Piktor, Miroloja, Triptil, Herck, Macarie, Teluric, Costin Rp, Cosmjn, Giuliano Lomonte and Nu Zau.

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Cedesciu Wax – Lulla

Dedicated to showcasing solid underground minimal techno and microhouse music Miami-based record label Cedesciu Wax launched in 2018 with Sonohat‘s “Whispers” EP, following up with inspiring materials from Robert Apetrei, Macarie, Szyszko, Dorothy’s Dream, Balinsky, Idana, Just_Me and, of course, the label-head himself, Marco Santamaria aka Lulla.

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CUE Music – Sven Jaeger

In 2018 Sven Jaeger established CUE Music as an international electronic music brand, bringing forward modern house and techno music in both vinyl and digital formats. The label’s extended catalogue includes artists like Jiggy (IT), Butane & Riko Forinson, ElchinsoulSascha DiveChristian BurkhardtAney F.DubphoneSascha SonidoDanilo SchneiderBee LincolnNektar Agu and CL-ljud, among many others.

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Based in Odessa, Ukraine, CULT.Beat is a cultural project that captivates a beautiful club audience through evenings dedicated to art and music, blending art-house movies with immersive techno, house and experimental sounds.

With over 50 events, international collaborations and its own record label, the outlet is always pushing boundaries and nurturing creativity, standing out as a portal to an uncharted future where innovation and artistic expression converge and evolve. Their first vinyl release is signed by French artist VENDi.

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Depth Over Distance & doddub

Amsterdam-based DJ team and record label Depth Over Distance is widely known for its memorable underground parties and limited vinyl-only releases which so far feature top-quality productions from Eversines, McGregor, Dieru, Odette, Jean Bressan, Bucurie and Young Adults. In 2021 the team also launched its doddub sublabel, focused on the dubby aspects of house and techno.

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Duboka Records

Based in Birmingham, the United Kingdom, Duboka Records functions as a digital and vinyl label as well as a podcast and exclusive premieres platform, promoting various shades of minimal techno, microhouse and breaks from artists worldwide. In their catalogue we can find releases signed by artists such as Josh Guest, Ana Antonova, Bryz, Daniel Broesecke, Direkt, Lizz, Majhu, Oscar Jones and Paradoxal, among others.

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Dushe Label

Ukrainian label Dushe was created in 2012 with the goal of promoting quality sounds from different genres of electronic music, with an accent on the modern aspects of house and techno. Working with many artists from Europe and beyond for a long time, the imprint has an impressive catalogue of over 200 releases.

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Fratii.ro is a community label overviewed by a group of Brazilian friends who share a common passion for electronic music and is proudly devoted to its members, providing them with unique experiences. Focused on featuring artists with exquisite musical identities no boundaries are to be set, allowing for expansion and growth in every way possible. So far, the imprint counts over 50 digital releases and three vinyls, two Various Artists compilations and a solo EP from Enivrez Vous.

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Generatia ’90 – Trik

Generatia ’90 is an underground electronic music record label founded by Constantin Leonard aka Trik with the goal to refresh the electronic music industry. During his childhood years, a period of struggle between old and new, Constantin found inspiration in the 90s and created the project. It was a time of change, after years of musical prohibition in Romanian society, a time of exploring and experimenting. This is the kind of energy the venture wishes to promote through some new, maybe yet undiscovered artists, but mainly through the sounds they produce.

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Goodbye Royalty Records & Goodro Digital – Interpolarm

Goodbye Royalty is the Russian duo’s Interpolarm vinyl-only playground launched back in 2020 when the whole world was captured by a pandemic. The guys decided not to sit back and act in the name of love for art, cultivating conceptual dance music, going beyond genre conventions and trying to create something truly fresh. The imprint also has a rich digital catalogue released via its Goodro Digital sublabel.

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Running two distinct vinyl-only series in the form of Haze White and Haze Black, the Moscow-based outlet Haze is well-known in the Russian underground scene and beyond. The catalogue exhibits amazing works from Crihan, Luc Ringeisen, Aoki Takamasa and Adjustment Bureau while their showcase parties are always fun and immersive.

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Hubble Recordings

Based in Portugal, Hubble Recordings functions as a vinyl and digital imprint and has so far collaborated with the likes of Kaesar, Octave, Alex Pervukhin, Yuda, Marcelo de Almeida, Markus Horn, Bucurie, Lukea, Zgaav, Luhk, Coriesu, Primarie, Miroloja, Alexander Richter and others. Since 2018, the label usually dropped one record each year followed by showcase events that have captivated the imagination of many electronic music enthusiasts around the world.

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Kanja Records

For almost a decade Slovenian label Kanja Records dispatched an impressive number of digital assets before turning to the vinyl market and having 18 records out so far. Among the collaborating artists we find Baasmal, Widovski, Petit Batou, Daniel Gorziza, Soyro, Vincent Casanova, F.eht, Tito Mazetta, Yuki Fukuyama and Vedran Komm, among many many others.

Between 2016 and 2018 the imprint presented a concept called Sunday Mornings, a vinyl series that brings forward proper early morning music, pre-party and after-party gems.


Lauter Records – Alex Heide & Maximillion

Starting out as a small collective hosting underground events in 2013, Lauter has come a long way since its transformation into a serious imprint in 2015, bringing forward modern house and techno music that steadily gained support from established artists in the scene.

Based in Luxembourg and curated by Alex Heide & Maximillion, the imprint counts over 100 releases featuring artists like K POD & Indygo, Dario, Mori Miller, CVO, Bee Lincoln, Daniel Meister, Jacobo Saavedra, Victor Fedorow and Tripmastaz, to name only a few.

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Maru & Rhanamh – Zac Shanahan

Sydney-based vinyl label Maru has stood out as a beacon for top-quality minimal and microhouse music since 2020, having a distinct aesthetic when it comes to the sound brought forward as well as the artworks designed by local artist Raul Ciceu. The catalogue showcases amazing music from Suolo, Lulla, Vlf, Prajescu, Petit Batou, userUNKNWN & Soyro and Octave.

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MicroHertz – Archie Hamilton

MicroHertz was founded by Archie Hamilton as a project for pushing alternative and deeper sounds to electronic music enthusiasts worldwide. The imprint provides a platform for the best-sourced international talent to flourish, from rising producers to established talents alike.

In the extended catalogue you can find some of the label head’s own productions as well as inspiring music from artists like Floog, Toman, Odette, Nathan Inman, Tuccillo, Sidney Charles, Ben Rau, Juliche Hernandez, Andrew Azara, Oden & Fatzo, Lorenzo Chiabotti, Ferro, Iuly.B and Kirik, to name just a few.

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Midas Touch – Macarie

Taking its name from Greek mythology, Midas Touch is carefully curated by Macarie and is set to make waves in the underground scene, aiming to bring forward top-quality microhouse and minimal techno while exploring modern dance music with no boundaries.

The venture’s main catalogue includes mind-bending works from Chrivu, Maifaunu, Cumuli & Bvrton, Sonohat and RWN as well as two Various Artist compilations that bring together Boyband & Vlad Arapasu, Rojid, Abel Soleil, Cerec, Andy Catana, Cojoc, Dorothy’s Dream and Katem. In 2021 the MDT LTD series was launched as an extension, so far showcasing two LPs from Dumitrescu and the label head himself.

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miNIMMAl movement – Jens Akkermans

Launched back in 2016 by Jens Akkermans, miNIMMAl movement is a vinyl-only label that also runs an ongoing podcast series featuring talented artists from all over the world. The misspelling of the word minimal arises from the nickname of the city Nijmegen – “Nimma” in the Netherlands, where the record label is based.

In the catalogue you can find inspiring EPs from Lixir, Oprea Timpu, Crescent, Raru, Alsi, Vot’e, Gladis and V.I.C.A.R.I., two VAs and two uncredited releases from the mysterious LTD series.

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Mountain Series

Dublin-based vinyl-only Mountain Series launched in 2021 with an amazing EP signed by Moldavian DJ and producer Holchin alongside Vadim Oslov on remix duties. Having a unique artwork for the concept designed by the talented Hannah-Clare de Gordun, the record arrived in a limited number of only 300 copies with no repress announced. The second pressing will drop soon so make sure you follow the label for updates.

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Mulen Records – iO (Mulen) & Tish

Kyiv-based imprint Mulen Records is well-known for its intense activity in the international underground electronic music scene, having been active since 2011 under the attentive curatorial actions of iO (Mulen) and Tish. The catalogue extends to both digital and vinyl formats showcasing numerous established and rising talents alike.

In extension, Blackloops, Hoarder, Hoary, MOi, Oldivibes, Slowdy Mowdy, VOY Records, Whiteloops and Winder function as sublabels, each with its own story to tell through the music. There’s a lot to dig for here!

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Words by: AndreiB

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