feeder sound 331 mixed by CVO

feeder sound 331 mixed by CVO 01

This Friday, our guest selector CVO will take you for a groovy ride into an uplifting dimension of carefully picked sounds, perfect to warm you up for the upcoming weekend!

Casimir von Oettingen aka CVO has been making waves in the international underground movement for quite some time now, performing at numerous events and festivals, dropping amazing productions, collaborations or remixes and managing Bladehouse, an inspiring label and party series. Born in Halle Saale and now based in Berlin, his journey into the realms of modern electronic music started almost 10 years ago and, throughout time, it brought residencies at Station Endlos, Jonny Knüppel Club, the “Bordel des Arts” event at Salon Zur Wilden Renate and the “Tryland” party at Watergate, along the way.

Aside from his inspiring selections, CVO has also delivered several groovy cuts through his own playground Make Scents Audio, as well as Lauter, ost end musik, What! What! Records, As Usual Music, Pour La Vie, Bar 25, HuL, Colore and Submarine Vibes, among others. Nowadays, he’s working on setting up a new small label and the first EP that will properly introduce this side venture.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been as at peace with a set as I am with this one. Maybe that’s what you always say about your most recent podcast or live recording. But this time I really managed to play myself into a trance without crowed and feedback like never before. I try to take the listener on a melodic, deep, emotional but also groovy and bouncy journey. I tried to get everything out of the tracks on three channels and form them into a new whole.”

Casimir von Oettingen

Mysteriously dubbed “Walking Through Secret Gardens”, feeder sound 331 mixed by CVO reveals an immersive and engaging selection that organically flows through various shades of house and techno rhythms, seamlessly including fractures of “India In Me” by Cobblestone Jazz, “Descent” by Remus, “Mistic” by Vern, Nox and Fragoso’s “Boundaries”, Legit Trip’s “Traveler”, ending with “Lycaste” by Barem. Enjoy the ride with the volume up!

📦 Here’s a list of record stores worldwide where you can find our latest addition to the feeder sound vinyl series signed by local artist Bucurie, “Mirror Time” EP. Grab your copy before it runs out of stock!

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Words by AndreiB

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