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Project Description

The feeder workshops project aims to become an online debut and self-publishing platform for young artists, designers, architects, illustrators, graphic artists, and musicians and to continue discovering, promoting and connecting local talent with international audiences, tended by the online feeder.ro platform for 15 years. This project intends to increase the appreciation of young people for Romanian art, design, and music, as well as to establish real connections by investigating possible multidisciplinary interactions. Artistic activity stimulates innovation and new patterns of thinking. Often functioning as a collective memory for communities, art is a reservoir of creative ideas for future generations.

Project partners

The feeder workshops cultural project is co-funded by the National Cultural Fund Administration and developed in partnership with dizainar.ro and 4pe4.ro.

The cultural programme does not necessarily represent the views of the Administration of the National Cultural Fund. The ANCF / AFCN is not responsible for the content of the programme, nor the ways in which the results can be used or interpreted. These are, solely, the responsibility of the grant beneficiary.

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Interviu Eliza Zdru

Interviu Eliza Zdru

Eliza Zdru – Autoportret Eliza Zdru este regizoare de film documentar, de videoclipuri muzicale, filme educaționale și filme promoționale licenţiată…

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