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feeder sound is a showcase of local and international talent alike comprised of DJ sets and fresh tunes meticulously curated in a sound collection which promotes mutual recognition and cultural exchange between musicians worldwide.

feeder sound 393 mixed by 7i7o 001

feeder sound 393 mixed by 7i7o

This Friday we invite you to explore the electrifying sounds of Brazil’s tropical shores alongside 7i7o. Hailing from Brazil, Murilo…

feeder sound 391 mixed by Oddist

feeder sound 391 mixed by Oddist

For this episode of our ongoing podcast series we switch our focus once more on the local underground scene and…

feeder sound 389 mixed by The13 01

feeder sound 389 mixed by The13

For this episode of our ongoing podcast series we invite The13 to deliver the proper weekend vibes, so adjust the…

feeder sound 387 mixed by Azub 001

feeder sound 387 mixed by Azub

This Friday we switch our focus to the local underground scene introducing Azub, an up-and-coming artist who surely delivers the…

feeder sound 386 mixed by Knyazev 01

feeder sound 386 mixed by Knyazev

Ready for a new episode of our ongoing podcast series? This Friday we invite Knyazev to take over the sounds…

feeder sound 384 mixed by Jay Turner 01

feeder sound 384 mixed by Jay Turner

We start the week fresh with Jay Turner at the controls delivering a smooth dubby selection, perfect for a laid-back…

feeder sound 383 mixed by Jonas Lang 01

feeder sound 383 mixed by Jonas Lang

Our first podcast transmission in 2023 features an inspiring selection delivered by Jonas Lang. Adjust the volume of your speakers…

feeder sound live stream series

Take a closer look at the 12 feeder sound live inspiring sets & paintings

Vlad Arapasu & John Dot S

Bucurie & iZZY iZVNE

Miss I & Pasr

Dan Andrei & Serebe

Cr15tina & Aeul

Kozo & Irlo

Teluric & Maria Bălan

Deez & Robert Obert

Piktor & Irina Mocanu

Ada Kaleh & Kseleqoqynqyshy

Oana & Livi Po

Dragutesku & ERPS

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