feeder sound 417 mixed by Herman Saiz [Sounds of Sirius]

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feeder sound 417 mixed by Herman Saiz [Sounds of Sirius] article

This Friday we dive deep into electronic music with Herman Saiz at the controls dropping an immersive extended set perfect to warm you up for the upcoming weekend.

Herman Saiz began playing in the underground scene in Chile over two decades ago while he currently resides in New Zealand bringing fresh minimal techno and microhouse music to the people of Aotearoa.

As a young musician, Saiz attributed much of his inspiration to his grandfather and his profound passion for collecting music. Originally, he began experimenting with mixing cassettes and old records when he was 13 years old, always maintaining a solid interest in collecting new tracks, styles and artists. It was just a matter of time before he would be introduced to the international electronic music scene.

Over the last 4 years, there’s been an emergence of deeper, more mature and refined productions coming from him, having released some of his works via labels like Aprapta Musik, Chikyu-u, Baile Musik, minim.all, Rays Records, Whoyostro LTD, Agua y Sed, Mood24, Fafo Records, True Balance and his own vinyl-only venture Sounds of Sirius. Here, he brought forward “Stargate EP” alongside Etro Hahn with Herck and Vid on remix duties while other releases include amazing materials signed by Guy From Downstairs, Denis Kaznacheev, Tripmastaz, Silat Beksi, Venda and Swoy The latest catalogue entry features Mihai Pol, Nibaaldo, Last Pines and Enzo Leep in the form of “Harmony of the Spheres” Various Artists compilation. Working on his label, Saiz aims to bring consciousness and awareness to the dancefloor, giving the opportunity for new talents to release music among acknowledged artists.

“Music is pure vibration. Music is life. Music invites you to think less and feel more. Life is rhythm!”

Herman Saiz

feeder sound 417 mixed by Herman Saiz delivers a deep and rejuvenating sonic experience that elegantly explores various shades of minimal techno, microhouse, deep house and breaks, incorporating tracks from artists like Vale Volpe & Manglus, Alejandro Vivanco & Francisco Martinez, Leanca, Per Hammar, Mihai Pol, Last Pines, Miroloja, Techu, Fedo, Silat Beksi, Nu Zau, Olga Korol, Sublee, Lizz, Enzo Leep and, of course, some highlights from Sounds of Sirius inspiring discography. Enjoy with the volume up!

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Herman Saiz on soundcloud | facebookinstagram | bandcamp | Sounds of Sirius
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Words by AndreiB

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