Un-hidden Romania, 2023 (book)


The „Un-hidden Romania(2023) book in numbers: 150 copies, 76 pages, 29 photographs, 16 places to visit, 15 local and international artists and 4 cities

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Un-hidden Romania” is a remarkable publication which helps artists, locals, and tourists alike to discover new dimensions of the country through an effervescent and growing form of culture – street art.

“Un-hidden Romania”, 2023, book

A4, softcover, 76 pages

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In recent years, Save or Cancel has promoted the local street art scene, inviting artists to express their visions in the street art programme “Un-hidden Romania”. Together with several partners, friends and artists, the Save or Cancel team (Cristina Popa & Andrei Racovițan) managed to create 42 murals and street art interventions in 4 cities (Brasov, Bucharest, Constanta and Iasi), together with 31 visual artists and 6 musicians from 5 countries (Italy, Japan, Romania, Republic of Moldova and UK), which you can see below in detail. The first print run was a limited edition of 150 copies, published during the Un-hidden Romania project, co-financed by AFCN.

 “The Un-hidden Romania” catalogue, published in 2023, presents some of these amazing murals and street art interventions by active and independent artists such as Aeul & Dan Andrei (soundtrack), Aito Kitazaki [Japan], Alexa Lincu & Xandru, Andrei Felea, Bea Hopes & Bucurie (soundtrack), ILUC, iZZY iZVNE [Republic of Moldova], John Dot S, Livi Po, Maria Bălan & Dragutesku (soundtrack), Mister Thoms, Ortaku, Pisica Patrata & Vlad Caia (binaural soundtrack), Romb, SANDi & Oana (soundtrack), Serebe, Skinny Bunny, Sorina Vazelina & Primitiv Print, and Wanda Hutira.

The„Un-hidden Romania(2023) book in numbers:

150 copies

76 pages

29 photographs

16 places to visit

15 local and international artists

4 cities

“Un-hidden Romania” (2023)

© 2023, Bucharest, Romania, Save or Cancel
ISBN 978-606-95626-1-1

The Un-hidden Romania multi annual programme is produced by Save or Cancel (Cristina Popa, Andrei Racovițan) through feeder.ro and co-financed by the AFCN in 2021-2023.

The project does not necessarily represent the position of the AFCN. AFCN is not responsible for the content of the project or how the results of the project may be used. These are entirely the responsibility of the grantee.

Partners: Bucharest Metropolitan Library, National Museum of Contemporary Art (Bucharest), Romexpo, Special Secondary School no.9, Faculty of Sociology and Social Work (Bucharest), Lente (Bucharest), National Highschool of Arts Queen Mary (Constanta), Artipic Association (Iasi), Lagom Hotel (Bucharest), Igloo, Zeppelin, The Institute, IQads, Revista Atelierul, I Support Street Art, Zile si Nopti, La pas prin Brasov, Litera 9, Romania Pozitiva, Book Hub, Teen Press, Revista Golan, Modernism, Agentia de Carte, Propagarta

About Save or Cancel

Since 2009, Save or Cancel has been a medium for the communication and propagation of arts and culture, promoting and facilitating their role in contemporary society.

Save or Cancel’s self-initiated multidisciplinary programs aim to identify sustainable and adaptable opportunities to (re)enhance the existing through architectural, cultural and publishing projects.

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