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The artwork, titled “Letters & characters“, is a triptych painting created by Aeul.

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Aeul„Letters & characters” (triptych), 2024

20 x 20 cm (1), 40 x 30 cm (2), 20 x 20 cm (3), acrylic and spray paints on three canvases

The online gallery expands its street art collection with a new stunning artwork by Aeul. The Letters & characterscanvas was painted in 2024, in Romania.

Letters & Characters” is a mesmerizing triptych painting by the acclaimed street artist Aeul, offering a captivating fusion of graffiti artistry and whimsical character design. This trio of black canvases, each bearing Aeul’s distinctive signature, comes together to form a visually stunning ensemble.

The left canvas, a square-shaped panel, showcases vibrant graffiti letters spelling out the artist’s name, “Aeul.” The letters, rendered in bold red and blue hues with accents of pink and orange, dance across the canvas with dynamic energy, embodying the essence of Aeul‘s graffiti style. In the middle canvas, the complexity of the composition unfolds. A rectangular panel combines a wild-style graffiti piece with Aeul’s iconic character, the Aeul pig. The graffiti letters cascade across the canvas, mirroring the colours of the first panel, while the Aeul pig sits atop the letters, peacefully fishing from the calm waters below. This intricate scene is proof of Aeul‘s mastery in seamlessly integrating his graffiti art with his beloved character designs. The final canvas, on the right, focuses solely on the Aeul piggy character. With its pink skin and wings spread wide, the piggy soars through the night sky, bathed in the glow of the moon and stars. This whimsical depiction captures the playful spirit of Aeul’s character design, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the enchanting world of the elusive pig.

Each canvas tells a part of the story, from the vibrant energy of graffiti letters to the endearing charm of the Aeul pig character. Together, these panels form a harmonious composition that showcases Aeul’s creativity and skill, making it a truly unique and captivating addition to any forward-looking art collection.

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About AEUL

If the Romanian graffiti community had a key symbol, then surely it would be the piggy-dog created by AEUL. Present uptown and downtown, on the streets and on the main road, the piggy established itself a real reputation on the urban scene. Find out more about the elusive artist by reading our feeder insider interview with Aeul.

I don’t think anyone counted them (e.n. the characters), I lost track around 500. Some disappear, some show up…” – AEUL

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Dimensions 80 × 30 × 2 cm

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