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feeder insider interview with Nima Gorji
feeder insider w/ Nima Gorji about his new EP on Suleiman Records

Nima Gorji is an Iranian artist living in Ibiza and globally appreciated for his deep and stripped-back style. Not only has his music been released on record labels such as Fuse London, Get Physical, SCI+TEC, and Cécille, but he is also a revered DJ who’s…

feeder insider interview with Iuly.B unviling Dimensions LP
feeder insider w/ Iuly.B unveiling Dimensions LP on Adam’s Bite

Read this exclusive feeder insider interview with Iuly.B, as we dive deep into the genesis of this transformative musical voyage as he unveils his debut album titled Dimensions, released on Adam’s Bite. Iuly.B shares the inspiration behind the intricate process of bringing his vision…

feeder insider extended interview with J. Gabriel [Onysia and Convent]
feeder insider interview with J. Gabriel [Onysia / Convent]

J Gabriel and Shaun Reeves collaborated on the “Delivery” EP for Convent label, born from their shared love for minimal house music. Convent explores a heavier, minimal sound compared to its sister label, Onysia. The tracks were crafted through experimentation…

feeder insider interview with Idriss D
Video: feeder insider interview with Idriss D

Welcome back to feeder insider interview series! Today, we are thrilled to reconnect with the eclectic and talented Idriss D, a prominent figure in the underground electronic music scene. Set to grace the decks at Nook in Bucharest, Idriss D…

feeder insider interview with Felipe Valenzuela & Dorian Paic
feeder insider interview with Dorian Paic & Felipe Valenzuela

Dorian Paic and Felipe Valenzuela, DJs and producers with deep connections to the underground electronic music discussed their new EP collaboration during an extended feeder insider interview. Born during the pandemic, the project took shape over two years of jam…

feeder insider interview with Luciano [Cadenza]
feeder insider interview with Luciano [Cadenza]

In this interview with Luciano, the renowned electronic music artist discusses his long and passionate career, his transition from underground to global recognition, and his commitment to his family and music. He emphasizes the importance of staying true to the art…

feeder insider interview with Melina & Jakob Seidensticker
feeder insider interview with Melina & Jakob Seidensticker

Welcome to a new and extended feeder insider interview with Jakob Seidensticker and Melina! With Jakob’s background in the electronic band Wareika, and Melina’s skills, their collaboration has resulted in a unique musical journey. From their personal b2b sessions, mixing…

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BSBSA (Belgrade Sofia Bucharest Street Art) interview with Jana Danilović
BSBSA interview with Jana Danilović

Meet Serbian artist Jana Danilović! She talked about her inspiration for working on the street and inspiration for the concept…