Subscriptions and promo packs

In order to help brands and agencies distribute their messages wider, at a more accessible cost, the team created two subscription plans for press release distribution and events publishing. To continue providing a free publishing platform for independents artists, labels and NGOs, offers a free publishing pack.

  • publish 10 press releases + 1 free

    € 20,00
    One time payment

    Publish 10 press releases + 1 free.
    Expires in 1 year.

  • publish 5 events

    € 5,00
    One time payment

    Publish 5 events. Expires in 2 months.

  • publish 5 press releases

    € 10,00
    One time payment

    Self-publish 5 press releases. Expires in 2 months.

  • the free plan

    One time payment

    Submit for review and publishing on as many articles as you need, for FREE. This is our pledge to support independent creators.

    The free pack is available only for independent artists, labels and NGOs.

    We ask you not to use this plan if you need to publish press releases or news about brands, products, services, discounts, sales events, your event sponsors and their products, or any other type of commercial or marketing materials. You can publish these yourself by choosing one of the super-accessible paid plans or you can contact us to publish it for you. See more advertising options in our rate card.

    This plan expires in 1 year; you will need to manually renew your plan.