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Website visitors spend an average time on page of 02:30 minutes, browsing new and relevant content covering electronic music, art, design, alternative culture, new media, technology and more. The content mix caters to both local and international audiences.

Display ads

1. banner homepage + all articles / 1920 x 473 px
cost: 177€ / week or 653€ / month

2. banner sidebar / 254 x 254 px
cost: 130€ / week or 571€ / month

Editorial content

3. publish your press release + permanent link
cost: 58€ / article

4. advertorial / text written by © + permanent link / photo gallery and/or video provided by you
cost: 99€ / article

From artists’ biographies, press-kits for events and music releases to in-depth articles, our content creation services are designed to enhance your communication to new and existing audiences, expanding on the opportunities of specific online communication channels.

5. advertorial / text, photo gallery and/or video written by © + permanent link
cost: 296€ / article


Invite the feeder crew on weekends, week nights& the odd lunchtime escape to sample your local hotspot and review the good old merriment.

6. advertorial / review, 300 words text and 10-15 photos or 1 video + cover image ©
cost: 296€ article

Feeder INSIDER interviews

feeder insider is a series of 140+ interviews which explore the universe surrounding music and visual arts while connecting the local to the international creative scene.

7. Interview: text, photos + cover image & translation ©
cost: 199€ article


Mixing frolic with function, lists are made to inform and guide our audiences. Some of our most visited lists count over 30.000 organic views. Enter your product, service or venue in one of our lists for better exposure and tailored context. Better yet, order a whole list specific to your needs, such as the rehabilitated buildings or old cinemas we documented.

8. One entry / list, with content provided by you, such as text description and photos
cost: 35€ entry

9. Dedicated list with 10-25 entries, 1.000 words text, photos + cover image ©
cost: 299€ article


Do you want to be a part of the options? With over 25.000 votes cast, our informed audiences have decided on new public art for the city, and voted the festivals, parties, coffee shops and foods they love.
Do you have a particular question to ask our audiences? Order a poll of your own, where you decide the inquiry and the options.

10. One entry / list, with content provided by you, such as text description and photos
cost: 58€

11. Dedicated poll, 1.000 words text, photos + cover image ©
cost: 299€ article

EP / LP reviews 

The weekly reviews bring forward the latest vinyl releases, delivering a good mix of exposure for fresh producers and key support for established artists.

12. On-demand review, 300 words, written by + permanent link + soundcloud re-share
cost: 58€ article

Exclusive premieres

Exclusive track premieres fresh off some of the most intriguing electronic music releases, with a focus on Romanian artists.

13. On-demand review, 300 words, written by + permanent link + soundcloud hosting
cost: 58€ article

Feeder SOUND

A showcase of local and international talent alike comprised of DJ sets and recordings is meticulously curated as a weekly series. Over 246 podcasts online, feeder sound can act as a platform for your brand to reach out to artists, event promoters, labels, career shifters and the omnipresent bedroom djs.

14. banner / 1248px x 90px
cost: 82€ / week

15. sponsor 4 episodes
cost: 713€ / month

Events Calendar

Each year on, more than 50k avid planners or spontaneous explorers search for fresh alternatives to savour urban life.
Looking to differentiate your next event in feeder’s infamous calendar?

16. publish an event / your own content + permanent link
cost: 35€ / event

17. create an event / have’s team write the description of your event + permanent link
cost: 99€ / event

18. banner on the events calendar page / 1248px x 90px
cost: 105€ / week or 439€ / month


Parties, festivals, movies, art performances, guided tours, venues, services and products – the Golden Ticket contest is a fun way to boost engagement and brand awareness.

19. Dedicated contest, containing 2 articles, 300 words each, w/ cover images by + permanent link + facebook & instagram re-sharing
cost: 199€ / contest


The open call for ideas and projects is a multi-disciplinary, inclusive approach designed to activate new audiences and facilitate art debut while fostering emotional ties between the community and your brand, connecting it to a renewed present. Artistic expression and anonymous polling is a combination which will bring a fresh perspective on your public image, maybe even in your decision-making processes.

20. articles and press releases / written, published and distributed by
cost: starting from 49€


Engage audience on our social media channels through thoughtfully hased campaigns, enjoying volume discounts starting from 5 shares or re-shares.

21. instagram re-share / your content
cost: 29€

22. facebook re-share / your content
cost: 39€

23. instagram share / original © content
cost: 98€

24. facebook share / original © content
cost: 145€

the newsletter

feeder newsletter is free and it arrives in subscribers’ inboxes once a week, in either long or short form, packed with updates about exciting new artists, music and event recommendations. Counting as little as 1.700 recipients, it is constantly  trimmed to ensure only genuinely engaged readers will receive it.

25. recommended event / 160 characters + link
cost: 11€

26. your ad / image 250 x 600 px + link
cost: 58€

* The advertisements for alcohol, tobacco and the like are charged according to the laws in force in Romania, a cost that is added to the prices from the rate card.

** We reserve the right refuse ads that violate human rights and / or promote racism, xenophobia, discrimination, fake news, unverified and unverifiable health claims, political and / or religious topics, magic, astrology, healing, cancer cures, weight control, body-building chemicals and boosters, etc.


You can share your messages with our readers for free or you can enhance this communication through paid services.
Are you an event organizer, PR agency, label or DJ?
Discover the advertising plans below and enjoy up to 30% OFF discounts.

Are you a DJ, musician or a new label?

We love DJs, musicians and labels. It’s our thing, as you may have noticed. Here is a brand new -25 discount offer for our most beloved and proper client categories.

EP / LP release review by | 1 x 58€
Exclusive premiere | 1 x 48€
Newsletter ad insert | cover image + link | 1 x 58€
fb re-share / your content | 1 x 39€
Total: 203€
Discount 25%: -50,75€
Reduced price: 152,25€
Bonus +1 free soundcloud re-post

With 16 years of continuous experience in the contemporary culture, art, electronic music, events and lifestyle industries, has established itself as a leading voice on the artists, brands as well as the audiences’ sides of the market. is using this expertise to develop and offer custom services for artists, promoters, venues and brands, as a completely independent agency.

Are you an artist, curator or a gallery? is one of the core engines of alternative culture in Romania, not only feeding the audiences with news and event recommendations but has also taken on an active role in the cultural pot Romania has started to become, expanding its scope and creating connections with European and international creators and audiences.

Publish your event in the calendar | 1 x 35€
feeder insider interview: text, photos + cover image & translation © | 1 x 199€
Exhibition review, artist biography or press-kit creation / 300 words + cover image | 1 x 49€
Newsletter recommended event | 160 characters text + link | 1 x 11€
fb re-share / your content | 1 x 39€
instagram re-share / your content | 1 x 29€
Total: 362€
Discount 25%: -90,5€
Reduced price: 271,5€
Bonus +1 free banner sidebar + all articles / 1920 x x472px, for a period of 1 week, at a value of 130

Are you an event promoter?

Promote your event with a customised set of advertising services, creating content and context about your line-up, setup and venue, with discounts starting at 15%.

header banner homepage + all articles / 1920 x 473 px | 1 x 653€ / month
Publish your event in the calendar | 1 x 35€
feeder insider interview with one of the invited artists / text, photos + cover image & translation © | 1 x 199€
Newsletter recommended event | 160 characters text + link | 2 x 11€ = 22€
fb re-share / your content | 1 x 39€
instagram re-share / your content | 1 x 29€
advertorial / review, 300 words text and 10-15 photos or 1 video + cover image | 1 x 296€
Total: 1.273€
Discount 15%: -190,95€
Reduced price: 1.083,05€
Bonus +1 free instagram re-share, at a value of 29€
++ free – co-hosts your facebook event, enabling you to reach our entire audience for that channel and feature the event on page and in the events area.

Are you an agency or institution?

Share your clients’ news, launches and events with discounts starting at 12%

publish your press release | 4 x 58€ = 232€
publish your event in the calendar | 2 x 35€ = 70€
newsletter: recommended event | 160 characters text + link | 2 x 11€ = 22€
newsletter: ads / image 250 x 600 px + link | 2 x 58€ = 116€
fb re-share / your content | 1 x 39€
instagram re-share / your content | 1 x 29€
Total: 508€
Discount 12%: -60,96€
Reduced price: 447,04€
Bonus +2 free instagram re-shares, at a value of 58

Are you launching a new brand or product?

Share your new brand or product news with discounts starting at 10%

header banner homepage + all articles / 1920 x 473 px | 1 x 653€ / month
advertorial / review, 300 words text and 10-15 photos or 1 video + cover image | 1 x 296€
newsletter ads / image 250 x 600 px + link | 4 x 58€ = 232€
facebook share | 3 x 98€ = 435€
publish your press release | 1 x 58€
Total: 1.674€
Discount 10%: -167,4€
Reduced price: 1.506,6€
Bonus +2 free instagram re-shares, at a value of 58



Text – the experienced team can provide short-form or long-form articles, social media and e-mail marketing copy, artists biographies, product descriptions, EN-RO / RO-EN translations, and much more, aimed at an informed alternative audience. 
Photo – we have collaborators nation-wide ready to shoot your next events, produce your next lookbook, editorial and more.
Video – our skilled video team is prepared to shoot your next event, exclusive video clip, making-of, behind-the-scenes clip and more.
Web – with 16 years of experience in online publishing, we can help you produce your website, online strategy, as well as relevant content, such as articles, how-to’s, lists and polls and much more. We can even make your e-commerce shop.
Print – with 10 years of experience in printing, we can help you produce your magazine, flyer or brochure.

EVENT PRODUCTION – Your custom events

Get in touch, using the contact form on this page, if you want us to organize and promote your unusual event.
Harvest’s insights into what makes a memorable event, workshop or exhibition, small or big. We can enable your brand to expand the dialogue creative and alternative audiences, as well as complementing brands while connecting you with inspiring artists.


Channel Management – we can create and manage your social media accounts.
Audience development – we can help you grow a loyal audience.
Engagement – we can create tailored content to engage your audiences.


Media Relations – we can help give your services and product credibility by working with the right media outlets, and we can introduce your offers to artists, entrepreneurs, and label or venue owners. Additionally, we can help you work with some of the artists we regularly cover for your future projects.
Meaningful product placement – we can connect you with relevant artists and brands to give your service / product visibility in an appropriate context.
Brand identity – we can help you build an exciting, palpable brand identity.


online since 2004, the platform rounded up a network of trendsetters and influencers, djs and promoters, along with visual artists, cultural managers and institutions and key figures in general who made their mark on and continue to advance Romania’s is “the alternative nation’s creative and media agency”, a Bucharest-based collective which publishes news and articles about urban lifestyle, alternative events, music, contemporary art, advertising, design, technology and food.


  • 25-34 years old
  • 60 % female 
  • creative and IT professionals, designers, artists, curators, dancers, editors, writers, young entrepreneurs, musicians, DJs and music producers, students, teachers and academia, brand and venue owners

By segmentation, we are allowed to see and understand audience members as individuals so we can identify their needs and effectively communicate how they can benefit from the online platform services and products.
In defining audience segments, the primary purpose of the platform is to identify groups of people who share cultural needs that the projects can meet, while matching and tuning the needs of the public with the online platform products and services.

Connected Bohemians

A large part of the audience is composed of artists and creative people, who are attracted by the curated steady flow of online content, multidisciplinary projects and participatory activities.
Demographics: Environment: Urban; Location: RO, Europe, rest of the world; Income: Medium / Large; Age: <35.
Their professional activity is spanning the Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) disciplines, and they can be artists, designers, architects, writers, editors, reporters and bloggers. Technology Adoption Degree: Medium / High.
This target group requires continual updates, and some of them are the early-adopters of the online platform. Artists and creative people in this group feel the need for expression and discovery through alternative media, accessible to different types of visitors and the facilitation of connections with new audiences.

Instant Message Nation

The Instant Message Nation audience stays permanently connected to friends and family via their mobile phone. They spend most of their free time using the mobile phone to browse the Internet, seeing the phone with an Internet connection as a direct line with the world.
Demographics: Environment: Urban; Location: RO, Europe, rest of the world; Income: Medium; Age: 18-35.
Professional activity: in multinationals, services, mixed. Technology Adoption Degree: Medium / High.
The need to digitise content and make it available online to cater to this super-connected audience that is found often in a less-favoured cultural area, from the standing point of available services and products. The need to inform a set of personal, cultural filters can be addressed through a mix of multimedia content – photo, video, audio and text, accessible on the platform as well as within the social media networks preferred by this audience.

Target Group 3 – You & I Tunes

You & I Tunes is the segment of young, affluent people who are passionate about digital content and music, carrying out many activities on their mobile phones, work on their laptop both at home and at home. They subscribe to various services, including online, and allocate relatively large funds for the latest technologies.
Demographics: Environment: Urban and suburban; Location: RO, Europe, rest of the world; Income: Medium / Large; Age: 25-45 years old; Adoption Degree Technology: High;
Professional activity: in multinationals, shifters, services, freelancers, mixed. Technology Adoption Degree: Medium / High.
This audience benefits from the access to digitised artworks and resources, easily accessible in the online environment. The need for this group to discover and deepen the spectrum of creativity, in a familiar and alert environment, is met by the steady flow of relevant news and content on the online platform, the curated selection of young artists, the constant update of information and technology.

Data sources: google analytics, hotjar, mailchimp, ryte, fanpagekarma, Nielsen segments, The Cultural Consumption Barometer 2019 by

TOTAL audience | 2020

5.28 m impressions on all channels in January – December 2020, a + 50% increase from 2019. analytics | yearly

409.08 k Pageviews
294.74 k Unique pageviews
204.19 k Users

Facebook insights | yearly

1.49 m Post Reach
23 k Total Audience / + 4.9% 📈
8 k Likes / 1 k Comments / 2.96 k re-shares
719 Posts
110.39 k Minutes Watched / 107 videos

Instagram insights | yearly

192.39 k Impressions
11.42 k Interactions
3.34 k Audience / + 69% 📈

195 Posts

Soundcloud stats | yearly

557 k Plays / + 68% 📈
25.6 k Likes / + 48% 📈
2.9 k Reposts / + 21% 📈
1.8 k Comments / + 50% 📈
2.2 k Downloads / + 5% 📈

Youtube analytics | yearly

379.8 k Im­pres­sions / + 436% 📈 / In­cludes only im­pres­sions on You­Tube, not on ex­tern­al sites or apps.
5.6% Im­pres­sions click-through rate / + 41% 📈
40.4 k Views / + 163% 📈

Pinterest analytics | yearly

2.1 m Impressions / + 328% 📈
1.56 m Total audience / + 453
% 📈
33.04 k Engagements / + 174% 📈
27.66 k Engaged audience / + 291% 📈

Twitter analytics | yearly

150.3 k Tweet impressions
1.249 Tweets
57 Mentions

Analytics and insights reports for 1st of January – 31st of December 2020. Percent increases show 2020 figures compared to the previous period, 1st of January 2019 – 31st of December 2019.

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