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feeder.ro EP / LP reviews column is the vinyl lover’s heaven: exclusive premieres, fresh releases, videos and track reviews are regularly lined up on feeder’s racks. Read about some of the most intriguing electronic music below.

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Lulla - Zandalar EP [Maru]

Lulla – Zandalar EP [Maru]

Lulla – Zandalar EP [Maru] Australian vinyl-only record label Maru returns with its second pressing, inviting the head of Cedesciu Wax and Miami-based artist Lulla…
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Peshka - Oriental [Koi Series] 01

Peshka – Oriental [Koi Series]

Peshka – Oriental [Koi Series] The third vinyl-only instalment coming up from Koi Series features two heavy minimal cuts signed by Ukrainian artist Peshka and…
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Priku feat. Dinu - ENDZ042 [Eastenderz]

Priku feat. Dinu – ENDZ042 [Eastenderz]

Since 2014, the London-based record label Eastenderz released 41 records together with an amazing group of artists like Floog, Cosmjn, Vlad Arapasu, Wickham, Nami, Doubtingthomas, Lizz, Viceversa, Arapu, VincentAdrian, Subb-An, Christian Burkhardt, Chris Stussy, Luuk Van Dijk, among…
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