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feeder.ro EP / LP reviews column is the vinyl lover’s heaven: exclusive premieres, fresh releases, videos and track reviews are regularly lined up on feeder’s racks. Read about some of the most intriguing electronic music below.

feeder EP / LP reviews

Various - RDL002 [Red District]

Various – RDL002 [Red District]

Various – RDL002 [Red District] Serbian imprint and event platform Red District returns with a second Various Artists compilation which brings forward a variety of…
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Leanca - Kontent 003 [Kontent] 001

Leanca – Kontent 003 [Kontent]

Leanca – Kontent 003 [Kontent] Romanian record label Kontent returns with its third vinyl-only instalment, this time with mysterious local DJ and producer Leanca at…
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EP / LP releases and electronic music news by feeder.ro contributors

Kazan | Guestmix | Concept101

Kazan | Guestmix | Concept101

“Originating from Ibiza, Concept101 are an international promotion, booking & events agency. Conceived as a collaborative idea from a group of enthusiastic promoters, with expertise…
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