Iuly.B – Mania EP [Synkroniq]

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Iuly.B - Mania EP [Synkroniq] 1

Iuly.B – Mania EP [Synkroniq]

The 5th vinyl-only instalment coming from Synkroniq delivers four fresh cuts in the form of “Mania EP” signed by local DJ, producer and label head of Top Cut Records, Iuly.B. The record adds even more magic to the imprint’s discography which so far published amazing solo materials from Cristi Cons, Vlad Caia, Joe Rolét and Nolga.

Iulian Bivolaru aka Iuly.B is widely known for his intense activity in the electronic music scene having recently performed at major festivals like Sunwaves and underground events at various locations across Romania, Germany and Hungary. His latest productions were dispatched independently via Bandcamp or in collaboration with labels like Modvlar, Metereze, RORA, Subtil and, of course, his own Top Cut Records. This EP makes no exception from his top-quality sound, exploring intense rhythms and textures deeply rooted in minimal techno and microhouse flavoured with inspiring electro influences.

The title track “Mania” opens Side A with an uplifting sound elegantly crafted with prominent and reverberating drumming patterns, heavy basslines and warm pulsating pads that make this piece perfect for peak-time moments at any party. The whistling and the heavily modulated vocal samples add extra spice for sure. Next up, “Robotop” maintains the drive, diving deep into electric synth melodies and high-paced percussive arrangements that keep spiralling into a hypnotic sonic affair made for the dancefloor.

On the flip we first find the dubby soundscape of “Optimal Power”, a high-tempo composition that incorporates meandering delays and echoes, a dynamic track progression and meticulously filtered vocal samples that power up subtle psychedelic aspects of the story. “Excess” closes the EP with a wobbling and energetic Balearic vibe as its breezy chords elegantly intertwine with the main arpeggio and the steady-paced rhythm. The breakdowns are carefully placed in order to focus on the background textures and make sure everything rolls out smoothly.

Listen to the snippets and grab your copy of Mania EP at deejay.de.

Artists: Iuly.B
Title: Mania EP
Label: Synkroniq
Cat. number: SYNKRO005
Release date: TBA 2023
Format: Vinyl-only

Words by AndreiB

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