MSER – graffiti invasion in Europe

2020 Msero Mser graffiti train

Mser was born in Romania, but his deep passion for graffiti took him around the world to paint in the most difficult and rewarding places alongside legendary writers. He is part of the second generation of Romanian writers, painting subways almost daily for more than 17 years. Msero‘s style is both simple and complex at the same time. He is most of the time doing legible letters that everybody can understand, but with a unique and intricate technique. This way, he can easily bring many different themes, details, and small accents into the scene. Usually, Msero uses vibrant and contrasting colours in a very personal and esthetic manner.

Mser has an infinite source of inspiration, and his subway panels or whole cars have a big impact on the passengers. Many of them even take pictures of his artworks to remember his joyful paintings.

The good news for the urban explorers, graffiti & street art lovers, is that last year Mser spent a lot of time on the streets of Bucharest painting many walls and documenting for his upcoming book. In about eight months, he did more than 60 pieces scattered around the city on the main streets, in places with good visibility.

Explore the Un-hidden Romania street art map to discover some of Mser‘s pieces.

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Words by Cristina Popa (random / nwt) & Andrei racovițan (ubic)

Photos by MSER and

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