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We are happy to be able to offer for your consideration an exceptional canvas painted by Msero in 2021. The top five letters, painted yellow, are placed above the same letters reversed, painted blue, overlaying a dark background speckled with minuscule green paint splashes. In the lower right corner of the painting, we can find the artist’s signature and the year of completion. The artwork is also signed on the reverse.

The artwork titled Subway Bomber is created using spray paint on a 150 x 100 cm cotton canvas.

We recently published an article about Mser that gathered a lot of attention on social media, with many comments and reactions from readers, supporters, and followers. With so many paintings in Eu and the US, his graffiti style either please the viewer or drives some people nuts. In his letters, Mser can condense multiple references and graffiti elements, combined with typographic and calligraphic elements. Over the years, Mser painted graffiti pieces with more than 300 different names but using his legible style of creating the letters, you can almost recognize even his unusual monikers.

Quite the opposite of his intense activity Msero rarely paints on canvas. He can paint over 300 walls, trains, subways, and tramways during a year, but he paints only a few canvases. Although Msero is a skilled graffiti writer that can paint super fast when he is applying similar techniques to canvas, he must expend more time on the details than any of his outdoor works. He can spend weeks and even a few months until he considers an artwork finished. The results are magnificent, and the clarity of the letters and the subtle details let your eyes get into the image and open your imagination.

In our online shop, you can find a small series of digital posters, reproductions of a work made by Nesk, depicting Mser in action. It is a rare chance to get a signed and numbered poster by Mser. Shop here

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Weight 1200 g
Dimensions 150 × 100 × 6 cm

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