AEUL – Night Light by the Sea | original painting on canvas


The artwork, titled “Night Light by the Sea“, is an acrylic painting created by Aeul using acrylic paint and markers on a 30 x 24 cm cotton canvas.

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Aeul„Night Light by the Sea”, 30 x 24 cm, 2023

The online gallery expands its street art collection with a new captivating artwork by Aeul. The „Night Light by the Sea” canvas was painted in 2023, in Romania.

In the canvas painting “Night Light by the Sea” by the remarkable street artist Aeul, a mesmerising nocturnal scene unfolds. At the centre of the composition, Aeul‘s iconic pig character takes on an ethereal form, outlined in a spectral white glow, resembling a floating ghostly presence. This pig becomes a portal, offering a captivating view into a world beyond.

Through the pig-shaped window, a stormy sky comes to life. The clouds, rendered in shades of blue and green, dance across the canvas, creating an ominous atmosphere that anticipates the arrival of a tempest in the night. The dynamic portrayal of the clouds suggests movement and imminent change, enhancing the sense of anticipation. In the backdrop of the pig’s spectral outline, a starry night seascape unfolds. The juxtaposition of the stormy sky and the tranquil sea creates a compelling visual narrative, evoking a sense of mystery and drama.

Night Light by the Sea” is a captivating blend of Aeul’s distinctive pig character, a symbol of playfulness and imagination, with the dramatic elements of a stormy night at sea. The painting invites viewers to contemplate the interplay between the whimsical and the ominous, encouraging them to delve into the layered emotions conveyed by the spectral pig’s window into the night.

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About AEUL

If the Romanian graffiti community had a key symbol, then surely it would be the piggy-dog created by AEUL. Present uptown and downtown, on the streets and on the main road, the piggy established itself a real reputation on the urban scene. Find out more about the elusive artist by reading our feeder insider interview with Aeul.

I don’t think anyone counted them (e.n. the characters), I lost track around 500. Some disappear, some show up…” – AEUL

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Dimensions 24 × 30 × 1,5 cm

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