Street Art Belgrade (book)


Dive into the colourful world of ‘Street Art Belgrade,’ a visual odyssey capturing the diverse expressions and contrasting landscapes of graffiti and street art in the heart of the city.

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Step into the kaleidoscopic realm of ‘Street Art Belgrade,’ where the pages unfold a vibrant array of urban creativity, contrasting worlds of expression, and a captivating journey through the diverse and evolving landscape of graffiti and street art in the heart of Belgrade.

Street Art Belgrade (2016), book, 3rd edition

Author Aleksandar Djordjevic
© 2021, Belgrade, Serbia, KOMSHE 
ISBN 978-86-86245-29-8
21 x 26 cm, softcover, 218 pages


The book “Street Art Belgrade” presents the most comprehensive overview of street art in Belgrade, both stylistically and historically. From aphorisms and stencil art, to complex graphics solutions, letters and murals you can follow the graffiti and street art scene in Belgrade, which is becoming more and more vibrant. The book also contains quotes by some of the most active street artists: Artez, Junk, Rage, TKV, Lortek and Nikola, alongside thought-provoking works by Blek le Rat, Blu, Endo, Hawok, Hope, just to name a few. On 218 pages and with over 550 photographs, which the author Aleksandar Djordjevic captured for six years, the book provides a comprehensive insight into the unique world of street art in Belgrade.

Organised thematically, “Street Art Belgrade” categorises the artworks into chapters based on overarching themes: Snaga / Strength, Radost / Joy, Mudrost / Wisdom, Slava / Fame, Tuna / Sorrow, Ljubav / Love. Through this structured approach, readers can delve deeper into the emotional and conceptual layers of Belgrade’s street art, gaining a deeper appreciation for its cultural significance and artistic diversity.

Languages: Serbian and English

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