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We are pleased to offer for your consideration another small fragment of the local graffiti scene, painted back in 2011, titled “Our Company“, which is the fourth original artwork by HOMEBOY LDJ available in our online gallery.

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Homeboy LDJOur Company, markers on paper, A3 (42 cm x 29,7), 2011

Discover a new artwork made by HOMEBOY LDJ, titled “Our Company”, that reveals the artist’s enormous skills and infinite passion for making letters. All kinds of letters. From simple and legible letters to the super complex wild style, HOMEBOY LDJ can create an entire universe using only lettering and his distinct elements (the eyes of the character, stairs, and different patterns & textures). In total contrast with the digital world, HOMEBOY LDJ continues to perfect his hand drawing and painting skills by exercising almost daily and constantly creating new artworks. HOMEBOY LDJ can easily apply colours and volume to any surface, from graffiti walls to canvas and paper.

Our Company,” a captivating canvas painting by the innovative artist Homeboy LDJ, is a visual symphony that captures the spirit of urban creativity, inviting viewers into a dynamic and vibrant world where graffiti art and city life converge.

In this dynamic scene, a bustling cityscape with a graffiti factory unfolds on the left side, symbolizing the collaborative and industrious essence of the artist’s creative process. The factory produces letters using essential graffiti tools—spray cans, stickers, and rollers. In the foreground, a central human character adorned with a graffiti spray cap instead of a head embodies the artist. With a purposeful grip on a graffiti spray can and a powerful green roller in the other hand, the character becomes a vivid representation of the tools animating the artist’s vision. Behind this figure, a colossal red metro train with a sinuous, snake-like skin signifies the perpetual movement and dynamism of urban spaces. Playful elements from graffiti pop culture, like Pac-Man and ghosts, contribute a layer of nostalgia, acknowledging the cultural influences shaping the artist’s work. On the right side of the canvas, big grey wild-style graffiti letters unfurl with bold elegance, forming the word “Home” Each letter is a testament to Homeboy LDJ‘s mastery of the wild-style, creating a striking and intricate visual representation that anchors the composition.

In the background, the city takes on an abstract form with big grey blocks dressed in costumes and glasses like businessmen. This imaginative touch serves as a commentary on the intersection of creative expression and corporate influence within the urban landscape. A dense green smoke, mirroring the toxic aerosols produced by graffiti spray cans, permeates the background. This element adds an edgy and rebellious quality to the artwork, emphasizing the grit and authenticity associated with the graffiti subculture.

“Our Company” is not just a painting; it’s a narrative that unfolds on canvas, inviting viewers to explore the intricate layers of urban life, creativity, and cultural influences. Homeboy LDJ‘s canvas is a celebration of the collaborative spirit within the graffiti art world, an ode to the bustling energy that defines the artist’s personal and creative journey.

You will receive a unique and original drawing made by HOMEBOY LDJ back in 2011 using markers on paper, 42 x 29,7 cm. It is framed by the artist behind glass, enclosed in a simple wooden border, measuring 53 x 37,5 x 1,3 cm.


If you are passionate about street art and graffiti you should check the Un-hidden Bucharest exhibition at Lente, on display from October 2023, where you can see Homeboy LDJ‘s “Our Company” painting, as well as other artworks, which are available for sale in our online gallery – shop here.

Also If you are an urban explorer and want to see some of the other artworks made by Homeboy LDJ, you can visit the Un-hidden Romania map to find the addresses. You can find some of his works in the Un-hidden Romania book. You are invited to read the article about HOMEBOY LDJ to find out more about one of his main goals to transform the wall/paper/canvas’s flatness into a 3D universe here.

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