Un-hidden Bucharest street art programme

Un-hidden Bucharest

60+ street art hotspots invite you to explore the city’s public spaces

Un-hidden Bucharest II is an urban regeneration project conceived as a series of urban signals / artistic interventions in the public space, co-created with the community, aiming at humanizing Bucharest and promoting its understanding and exploration through art. It also produces a street art map of Bucharest, online & print and street art workshops for children. Scroll down to discover the cultural programme activities and prolific amusements. Navitage the online map here or buy the A2 printed version here. Find a few free printed maps in the recommended places.

Project partners: AFCN, CNDB, Lente, Dizainăr, Faculty of Sociology and Social Work, Zeppelin, IQads, Urban Collectors, Igloo, Urban things, România Pozitivă, Revista Atelierul, IQool.

フィーダー・インサイダーインタビュー 山口 歴+

フィーダー・インサイダーインタビュー 山口 歴

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