Adrian Drăguț (Dragutesku) – soundtrack for an art installation by Maria Bălan in Bucharest

Adrian Dragut Maria Balan article

Adrian Drăguț (Dragutesku) – soundtrack for an art installation by Maria Bălan in Bucharest

Associated with the art installation by Maria Bălan outside the Faculty of Sociology and Social Work (FSAS) in Bucharest as a part of the Un-hidden Romania project we find an intriguing soundtrack coming from Adrian Drăguț aka Dragutesku. A prominent figure in both local and international underground electronic music scenes when it comes to minimal and microhouse, here he dives into a deeper and more abstract soundscape designed with a hypnotic cinematic feeling.

Adrian was the one behind our first vinyl-only release Suflet Prezent and also guested one of our live streams alongside ERPS who painted a large canvas as a tribute to the Romanian minimal scene. Find out more from the exclusive premieres on VRNT, Otomoji, Unic and his own DRG Limited, as well as from the feeder insider interview with him and episode 103 from feeder sound podcast series.

From peculiar field recordings and twisted layers that gently intertwine with a syncopated drumming pattern, the composition right here captures elegant frames of particular sounds that you can hear in the city. Rolling into an organic and immersive sonic journey influenced by experimental, IDM and leftfield genres, the track invites you to discover the connections between music and art, with a focus on street art and urban landscapes.

Showcasing her unique style of drawing, illustration and painting, Maria Bălan‘s imagined worlds and characters always transpose to real-life happenings, emotions, thoughts or anything in between and beyond. You can find her signature on the vinyl cover of FSRO004 “Mirror Time” by Bucurie as well as a few remaining copies of original artworks and limited edition prints on our online shop.

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