Castora Herz & La Cuadrilla – BLANCA FLOR EP [Samain Music]

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Castora Herz & La Cuadrilla - BLANCA FLOR EP [Samain Music]

Castora Herz: ‘BLANCA FLOR’ Live Music Video from Palencia Museum

Palentino artist Castora Herz unveils his latest live music video “BLANCA FLOR,” filmed at the Museum of Contemporary Art Fundación Díaz Caneja in Palencia alongside his band La Cuadrilla.

Presented by Samain Music and the Diaz Canela Foundation, Castora Herz‘s newest video, featuring his band La Cuadrilla, was shot at the renowned Museum of Contemporary Art in Palencia. The video showcases the title track from his latest album “THIS IS JOTA,” a homage to electronic Castilian Jota music.

Hailing from the quaint town of Ampudia in the Tierra de Campos region, Herz, the founder of Samain Music, delivers a live rendition of a traditional Jota, captured amidst the rugged landscapes of Palencia but with diverse interpretations spanning the Iberian Peninsula.

Directed and edited by Palencia native Cucho Ramirez, with set decoration by Casa Febrero, graphic and stage design by Gonzalo Ovejero, and masks crafted by artist Guioko, La Cuadrilla includes Sergio Lopez on the tambourine, Jose Manuel Sabugo “Sabu” on vocals, Yamila Mahmud on chorus, Laura Olivar on square tambourine and chorus, and Kike Arias and Lucía López leading the dance and performance.

The album “THIS IS JOTA,” to which “BLANCA FLOR” belongs, pays homage to the iconic 90s compilations like “This is Techno,” “This is House,” “This is Drum and Bass,” and “This is Electro,” marking a fusion of traditional Jota with the pulsating beats of electronic music.

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