Castora Herz – “This is Jota” EP [Samain Music]

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Castora Herz - "This is Jota" EP [Samain Music]

This is Jota: Castora Herz’s Electrifying Tribute to Castilian Traditions

Castora Herz unveils “This is Jota,” an album dedicated entirely to the traditional Spanish dance, specifically the Castilian “jota,” blended with electronic music.

The Palentino folktronica producer, Castora Herz, continues his commitment to reimagining Castilian musical traditions by infusing them with danceable rhythms. Following the release of the remix album for the legendary Castilian folk band EL NAÁN and his contribution to the film COMUNEROS, on December 13, Herz releases an EP titled “THIS IS JOTA” on all digital platforms through the record label Samain Music. This homage to iconic 90s electronic compilations, such as “This is Techno,” “This is Drum & Bass,” “This is House,” and others, features three new interpretations of the Castilian “jota” using synthesizers, samples, and drum machines.

The Jota Bass or Electrojota album includes contributions from Herz’s new band, La Cuadrilla, led by percussionist Sergio López (Collado Project, D’Urria, etc.), who incorporates traditional rhythms with tambourines, hand drums, scallop shells, and the flute. The album also features vocals from Yamila Mahmud and Jose Manuel Sabugo “Sabu” (D’Urria), backing vocals from Laura Olivar, and electric saz by Luis Lacambra.

The “jota” is an ancient Iberian genre of dance and song born during the latter part of Arab and Jewish presence on the peninsula, in a borderland where the mix of the three religions defined the culture. Over the centuries, it played a crucial role in rural society and its rituals, with the most important chants prevailing in the social cohesion of the villages where they were performed.

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The term “jota” derives from the Mozarabic “šáwta” (jump), and its rhythm is typically in 3/4 time, although some argue that 6/8 better fits the choreographic and strophic cycle structure.

The rural exodus of the 20th century led to the decline of the Jota… until now.

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