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feeder insider is a series of interviews published weekly on The interviews explore the universe surrounding music and visual arts while connecting the local to the international creative scene. In order to expand the dialogue between the Romanian public and the artists we love, we’re sparking off inspiring conversations around today’s artistic landscape with newcomers and veterans alike.

2017 E-BOOK #04 & ? – You’ll never know. 🐻

ebook feeder insider #04 coperta

The new e-Book will be launched soon and features:

Miss Kittin [NobodysBizzness], Subban [One Records], Saint MachineAeul, Alexandra [Melliflow], Denis Kaznacheev [Rotate], Mona Nicoară [fARAD], Butch [People & Machines], Erwin Olaf, Hedof, Simina Grigoriu [Kuukou Records], Livio & RobyFrancesca Lombardo [Echolette] and Livia & Reg.

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2016 E-BOOK #03 – only digital

ebook feeder insider #03 online coperta

You’re one click away from 14 of the most thought-provoking insiders. The feeder insider e-Book #03 features:

Angela Ciobanu, Sorina Vazelina, Dragoș Motică (Ubikubi), Rubi [CMYK], Nastia, Paul Dunca, PremieskuPisica Pătrată, Salomé Calvino, Oana, Vhils, RIZI, Aural Eye and Vika Tonu.

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2015 E-BOOK & BOOKLET #02  – 500 copies

The second issue of the feeder insider e-Book & Booklet #02 features 14 interviews with:

Saddo, Primărie, Night Talk, Livia Coloji, Gus Gus, Karim Rashid, Tokyotoys, Ioana Sisea, Yomsnil, Julie Marghilano, The Model, Art Alfie & Mr. Tophat, Olga Ziemska and Roman Tolici.

Here you can find a list with a few nice places in Bucharest were you can buy a copy or you can order it from our online shop. 🎁

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2014 E-BOOK & BOOKLET #01 – 50 copies

You can still have a look at the first selection of feeder insider e-Book & Booklet #01:

Liar, Golan, Miss I, DJ Vasile, Lilith, Marcus Price,, Ada Kaleh, Christian S and BOg.

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The feeder insider project is co-funded by AFCN. The program does not necessarily represent the position of the National Cultural Fund Administration. AFCN is not responsible for the content of the program or the way the program results can be used. These are entirely the responsibility of the beneficiary of the funding.

Producer: Save or Cancel and

Editors: Cristina Popa (random) & Andrei Racovițan (ubic), Vixi

Concept & Layout: Cristina Popa & Andrei Racovițan

Graphic design & DTP: Ana Dămoc

Illustration: Tokyotoys

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