feeder insider w/ Saddo & Pren [en]

feeder insider interview with saddo & pren

feeder insider w/ Saddo & Pren about murals, colour and illustrations

We continue the Pictăm Pereți event series with an interview where we talk to Saddo și Pren about colours, murals, toys and illustrations.

Saddo is an artist, illustrator, and muralist. He lives and works in Romania. We talked on other occasions, such as the interview published in  feeder insider booklet #02.

Pren, active in the creative industry, is located in Bucharest. With bold graphics and an abstract aesthetic, Pren expresses himself in different environments such as illustration, toys design or graphic design. He collaborates with Kitră and Saddo for different projects and he is launching the streetwear brand “La Panthere est Rose”, a personal project.

Read the whole conversation to learn interesting things about their course and pursuits.

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ubic: Hello Saddo, Pren! We are happy that we have the opportunity to talk about your works and collaborations. Soon we admire a new mural, made by you at Lente. How did you start working together and which was your first collaboration?

Saddo și Pren: We’ve been friends for some time and we admire each other’s works, we ask for advice or discuss (along with Kitră) about our works, of other artists, and randomly, about anything. Pren and Kitră have collaborated for various projects, including two murals in Sibiu two years ago.


Saddo mural uaimSaddo mural UAUIM, Bucharest, 2016.


Pren helped me a lot on two murals in Bucharest, and last year we thought, for the mural festival in Sibiu, that the next step would be to make a mural together. We sketched everything super fast, it was a very natural collaboration and fun. Our styles combined super nicely.


Saddo pren Muzica Pentru ViataSaddo & Pren visual for Muzica Pentru Viata


Since then we have worked on a logo for Street Delivery, a visual for the charity concert organized by Beneva Association, and now, recently we thought we’d do the mural at Lente together.


ubic: Do you have a target spot that you want to convert into a story?

Saddo și Pren: We have an idea for an exhibition together we hope to achieve soon. A sketch for a mural by Pren / Kitră / Saddo, that looks pretty cool and we hope to have the opportunity to implement it somewhere soon, when it’s a little warmer.


ubic: In which project did you find most challenges and what were they?

Pren: I think it was the mural made in collaboration with Kitră in Sibiu, in 2015. The challenge was a matter of scale, being the largest mural which  both of us had worked on until then, and also collaborating in itself: we still teased while working but it was to help the outcome in the end. ☺


Saddo Pren mural
Saddo & Pren mural, Sibiu, 2016


Saddo: The mural in Sibiu, together with Pren,

was a process through which I have not passed before, that is exact measurements, straight lines, perfect angles, a full day I just traced lines with the marker on the wall with rulers, and balance level, those things. At the end of the day, there was no visible result, and I went a little crazy. But it has proved to be a good and necessary basis for the following work.

It was a challenging experience from which I was able to learn.

(Almost every time when I paint a mural there’s got to be something, be it about time, organization, scaffold, platform, paint, etc., etc.)


Saddo & Pren sketchSaddo & Pren sketch for Lente


ubic: Do you integrate technology in your work process? How do you render sketches on paper on different materials?

Pren: I work as much as possible in the digital environment but keep a few notebooks for sketches.

Saddo: I integrate it, I scan hand drawings sometimes and then I color digitally. Sometimes I use the projector to transfer the sketch on the wall.


ubic: Are there recurrent elements and themes that you like to return to, integrating them into new projects?

Pren: I try not to repeat motifs or themes used.

I like to think that every project has a purpose and I am not compelled to reuse previous items.

Saddo: Yes, many. Long ago, I was afraid of death, violence, after that I became a little lighter, more decorative, flowers, birds, and recently I found almost everything I do is related to love. I have all kinds of phases and during each phase, I revolve around the same themes and motifs.


ubic: How much do you experiment and what elements are absolutely necessary?

Pren: I try to work in as many areas (toy design, graphic design, editorial design, illustration, etc.) but I’d like to experiment more than now.

Saddo: I like to move between art, illustration and mural. These are the areas, I do not know, sometimes it’s more comfortable doing things that are familiar, at hand. Sometimes I feel the need to explore new things, whether as a subject, visually or as size.


ubic: How do you interact with space in your productions? What places you discovered, with a distinctive character, by traveling?

Pren: From time to time I draw in abandoned spaces and I like to adjust my drawing to the space, to integrate it into context.

Saddo: I do not know, I do not think so much, just rather sketch also try to feel what would look nice in context. A little research about history, folklore, local mythology.

I have been to many interesting places, now it comes to mind an abandoned brewery from Berlin, where I painted with some friends, also some super interesting places, hidden, which we saw in Bucharest in an Interesting Times Tour, where I thought I’d come up with some discrete interventions on the walls. I have not done it yet, maybe later, when the heat makes way. 😛

saddo pren lenteSaddo & Pren sketch for Lente

ubic: What is the story of two characters from Lente?

Saddo și Pren: Pren already has this project with a line of streetwear La Panthere est Rose, obviously with a panther pink, and for a long time we were thinking to do a mural with a kind of versus between a panther pink and a black one, a type of  fight / dance, a dynamic thing, not necessarily violent, but rather more friendly, pink & black together. As panthers are the new thing now in art, tattoos, music (in a video from The Weeknd, an album cover at Anderson Paak song “Panther like the Panther” – Run the Jewels, etc.) we said:

let’s make panthers.

Saddo & Pren mood board

Aesthetically, we have in mind a mix of Matisse and very street stuff, naive, like murals in Kingston.

We’ve seen a while back, in some documentary about Bob Marley, or about dub, I do not remember, some very nice murals, fresh, naive, gangsta, with slightly irregular compositions. We thought it would be cool to bring this street feeling inside Lente, as something a little unexpected.


La panthere est rose teaser-2Pren “La Panthere est Rose”, teaser.


ubic: Pictăm pereți (We paint walls) is a project to animate a house by inviting visual artists to bring form, colour and personality to the rooms at Lente. Have you also prepared other surprises for the visitors?

Saddo & Pren: On this occasion, Pren will present a few pieces from his streetwear collection “La Panthere est Rose”.


BTLT: Pictam pereti cu Saddo & Pren @ LenteSaddo & Pren painted mural, Lente, 2017


Pictam pereti w/ Saddo & Pren @ LenteSaddo & Pren stickers & giclee prints, Lente, 2017


We’ll have some stickers to share and some giclee prints, made in collaboration with Colorhood, featuring the illustration / sketch for the mural. And maybe we can listen to some music.




Pren  – #VAVEDEM (weseeyou), Art of protest, illustration in support of anti-corruption protests in Romania, 2017.


saddo ilustratie pentru proteste

SaddoAnul ăsta se poartă dungi (this year stripes are in), Art of protest, illustration in support of anti-corruption protests in Romania, 2017.

ubic: It was a pleasure!


Words by: ubic
Images by: Saddo & Pren





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