feeder insider /w Julie Marghilano [Sol Asylum]


feeder insider /w Julie Marghilano [Sol Asylum]

It’s hard to get a start like Julie Marghilano. Born in Vegas from a jazz musician father and a vocalist mother, teased and inspired by the European culture, she arrived in Riccione (IT), continued to London, only to later land in Berlin. She already made contact with music in 2002, and in 2010 she began producing. From the Pacific to the Danube river, her compact and emotive techno landscape captured the attention of clubs like Club der Visionaere, Hoppetosse, Cocoon and Resolute in NY. Today she is Sol Asylum label boss, and keeps a magical and close friendship with Miss Jools, together lifting that dance floor vibe higher and higher. She featured as one of the remixers for Mr. John’s – D.N. EP which appeared on Romanian label Tzinah Records. Now the connection with Romania was reignited once again, as Julie agreed to speak a bit about the future of her music and label with us.

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Hello, Julie!

Last track I laid my hands on was… Move D Got thing… I found this record digging at my local Spacehall
My favourite town remains… Berlin
If it hadn’t been the violin, then it would have been… The Cello
A delicious breakfast is made of… french toast and eggs
Clothing is… something I don’t care about too much these days. I prefer to spend my money on records and gear 🙂
After a 12 hours party… I usually play another 12 hours
An ultimate crusher track to close an event… that would all depend on the event, time its closing and the people I have in front of me.
In my spare time… I do various things like going to lakes, bike rides, and cooking dinner for friends.  Food is my second passion.
Two years from now I will… have grown Sol Asylum label nights, artists and merchandising to the next level as well as fine tuned my analog friendly live and productions
Best drink for a long night is… Jameson whisky and ginger beer
To settle down is to… settle for something less than your worth
Three artists who amaze me lately are…

Liviu Groza – I booked him for the last Sol Asylum event and his live was mind blowing.

Markus Sommer and Phil Evans Clementine Mona Lisa on Pager – this is officially my favorite new record. These guys are going to have a bright future.

Dana Ruh – apart from being an amazing friend, she is one of the most talented producers and djs I know and she definitely is one of the ladies who has worked hard for her success.  She is a great inspiration and I have an immense respect  for her.

Alexandru Bogdan: Hello, Julie! Let me first shout out a big welcome! How’s it going? You’ve been travelling since an early age, from the States, all the way to Europe, mixing and clubbing in Cielo, Echoes or Club der Visionaere, tell me what drove you to take in this big adventure and where is it all heading?

Julie Marghilano: Hello Alex, everything is going quite well here in Berlin. I am a bit of a gypsy at heart maybe because when I was a baby my Dad took my Mother and I with him when he was touring with different artists like Lena Horn and Sammy Davis Jr. so I guess it was a natural thing to also move and travel quite frequently as an adult.

I believe I was always searching for a home or somewhere that fit my style of life but did not find it until I moved to Berlin.

AB: Ever since the inception of your label, Sol Asylum, both of you shine through. With OdD – Cosmic Energy near release and that rocking Let it go EP, wearing your personal signature what comes next?

JM: Next up on Sol Asylum is the Dilated Pupils-Introducing Remi EP… These guys are incredibly talented and can make any genre from techno to house to deep and experimental. I think this record really shows their skills.  It will be out in October 2015

AB: I went through some info I could find about you and honestly, there was not much about the gear you are using. All right, we know a little about your secret weapon: the violin. What about the other instruments and machines?

JM: I have a prophet 5, juno 106, mfb tanzbar, korg electribe and the cwejman bld but I also use hardware. I am a firm believer that its not the gear, its the idea and artists vision that makes a great track.

AB: Reading about Kunsthalle Tachles released tears down my face. Things sometimes seem to be forced in certain directions. How is Berlin today, can one still vibe freely there? Do you have a strategy, a thought, something for the upcoming artists out there, how can they become more independent?

JM: The future will always bring change good or bad depending on your outlook on life. Of course Berlin is changing  but it is still the most livable place in Europe  and it is also for me, the last real democracy. We have real freedom in so many areas here artistically and even on an every day basis.

It is a city that can make you or break you. You have to have a goal here if not you can easily get consumed by the never ending party scene.

The only advice I can tell the upcoming artists is to try to always push your limits and work hard.

AB: June took you to Chicago, to a Tied team event together with Miss Jools. Berlin brought in July a huge party at Club der Visionaere featuring you, OdD and Jools. Now we can see you playing in London for Melt’s September party. Tell us a bit about how gigging across continents, fuelling people’s vibe and releasing your music upon them is influences and gets influenced by the surroundings?.

JM: Jools and I had an amazing time in Chicago and in Detroit playing for My Baby/TV lounge. Every situation is always different with a unique energy but I think that djs are energy magnets and if you know how to absorb the right frequencies you can really tune in to the crowds vibe and make a special story together.

AB: How is it to be a woman DJ and producer, does it have advantages or disadvantages, what do you think? Let me share something with you which ignites the question:

“A particular desire we as label would like to fulfil is to release more music by female artists, one day having the same amount of girls as boys in the label…

Men have build up and try to maintain structures of power also in music. The way to correct that is action, is actively trying to change that.” feeder insider w/ Matias Aguayo

JM: I think it can have both, all depending on who you are.

I don’t really like to think in Gender as their will always be people who use this to their advantage and there will also always be authentic artists who are producing an djing with passion and skill.

It might take them longer to be appreciated but I think the satisfaction will be worth the wait.

AB: We have freaks of all kinds over on feeder.ro sharing passions from electronic music to crispy sneakers, what could you say to keep them going and growing?

JM: Wear your freak flag high and never give up on your passion

AB: I heard about your workshop together with Matthew Herbert! Are others planned for the future? Maybe some where people can learn more about mixing techniques, or the way music interacts with the world around them?

JM: At this moment with the Sol Asylum parties, world wide distribution, productions and live I don’t have time for workshops but who knows what the future will bring.

I really like the idea of using music to make people more aware of the world around them.

Thank you!



Words & Translation Alexandru Bogdan
Photo Julie Marghilano

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