feeder sound exclusive premiere: Julie Marghilano – Planet Minor [Sol Asylum]

feeder sound exclusive premiere julie marghilano planet minor article

feeder sound exclusive premiere: Julie Marghilano – Planet Minor [Sol Asylum]

Tirelessly working on her personal outlet Sol Asylum, Julie Marghilano has put together the next number on the label, aptly named “Time In Space” after her passion for the realms beyond Earth. Featuring four thought-provoking, groove-heavy cuts, this is Marghilano in vintage form. The wax brings forward a distinct sound design, infused with rich atmospheres and subtleties, as well as with diverse, genre-crossing percussive arrangements. The amazing artwork is provided by Chisato Chavo.

Sol Asylum is an outlet known for its well-rounded outlook, carefully considering everything from the pressing to the artwork that comes with each and every release. Residing in Berlin and having an impressive following from the locals, Julie leads the way with the imprint’s residencies at the famous Hoppetosse and Club Der Visionaere during the summer, where Dana Ruh, Steevio and John Dimas recently performed. Amongst the artists that contributed to the 12” catalogue, we find OdD, Dilated Pupils, Patrice Meiner, Anton Zap, Miss Jools, Mariano Mateljan and Pressure Point.

Born in a family of jazz musicians, Julie Marghilano has been on a converging path with music from a young age, studying violin and later on, modern electronic rhythms. Always creating new and unique sounds, her determination and passion led her to become a renowned presence in the international scene, adhering to a quality-over-quantity approach to everything she does. Aside from her own Berlin-based playground, she’s well-known for her works with Little Helpers, ReWind, Envy My Music Records, Hypertone, Perception Dub, Ra+Re Records and Tzinah.

Her first return to her label since last year’s exceptional “Mercury Jasmine” is a well-honed music piece of the sort the obsessive audiophiles, in particular, are sure to devour. Listen to the full-length B1. Planet Minor, taken from Time In Space EP exclusively on feeder sound:

The track reveals to be a mesmerising composition, hard to classify under a specific genre as there are a lot of influences combined here. The core minimalistic rhythm layers are fused with micro jazzy notes, subtle hi-hat variations and glitched elements, while the background keeps morphing, delivering something different at every corner.

“Timing and the space between notes are the most important thing in music for me. I am also quite obsessed with outer space and the concept of time so this is the combo that brought me to this title.” – Julie Marghilano

“Time In Space” kicks in with the title track, a Perlon-esque design merging the colourful and the unusual. A broken beat leads the rhythm while eerie modulations and effects develop multiple variations, making the cut unpredictable and highly enjoyable. Following, there’s “Eclipse” going on a more stringent techno-oriented path, with dramatic overtones in focus. Providing a bumping pattern, it’s exactly the sort of sound you would expect to hear during the night’s more tripped-out party hours. “Said And Done” closes the EP with an emotive and introspective deep house sound elegantly blended with a breakbeat influenced percussion. The vocal samples add more mysterious vibrations to the whole, leaving the listeners in a haze.

Grab your copy of Time In Space on deejay.de.


Artist: Julie Marghilano
Title: B1. Planet Minor / Time In Space
Label: Sol Asylum
Cat. No.: SA16
Release date: 20.06.2019


Words by: AndreiB


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