Pressure Point – My Favourite Studio Gear [list]

Pressure Point - My Favourite Studio Gear [list]
I’m a vintage studio machines lover, I like the raw and not perfect sound, certainly processed and then in the mixing phase in my studio. I have several synths, drums samplers, a workflow acquired over the years. However, there are some elements that I consider my favourites.

Cirklon Sequentix –

The ultimate sequencer, I can say the real brain of the work from this is commanding everything which is present in the studio from the drum to the synthesizers. What I like most about this machine is the ease in creating patterns and melodic rhythms with a very practical visual impact. Cirklon, in its complexity, facilitates the working dynamics Trig and cv that can be imported onto any element even on my modular systems.

E-RM Multiclock –

Not much to say about this if not the effective and precisions of this element thanks to which I can synchronise my study and my work without any latency problem, simple but effective.

Prophet 6 –

Love this fairly recent synth but with unparalleled completeness, it contains sounds of different musical eras from leads and pads used in the 90s to much more recent sounds, several editable presets in any direction, oscillators and arpeggiator lfo and much more , could’nt ask for more. Also for the creation of background sounds it’s great for the ease of editing the sound.

Minimoog Voyager Performer –

The name is already a guarantee, I use it most for bassline creations. Three oscillators that give the possibility to overturn any wave not to mention the unique and unmatched Moog filter. Versatile machine because you have the possibility to make it work directly with other equipment. It was the first synth I bought about 10 years ago.

Elektron Octatrack –

Cannot miss in my collection as a microhouse producer I think I’ll never beacon unless. It’s memorizing, it represents everything I do, it works as a sampler and it’s possible to load any type of sound and hence it’s from here that my strangest ideas are born. Everything is allowed with Octratrack, I love to record samples from any source and develop it 360 degrees.

Pressure Point – Neverending Story is out now on Sol Asylum.

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