Extended weekend until 1 May with feeder sound 163 mixed by Cumuli B2b Bvrton

feeder sound 163 mixed by Cumuli B2b Bvrton [PercetionDub]

feeder sound 163 mixed by Cumuli B2b Bvrton [Percetion Dub]

As you already know, in Romania we are preparing for a small vacation due to the fact that 1st May is considered a national holiday. On this special occasion, you got the opportunity to extend this weekend until Tuesday with a lot of engaging activities in Bucharest or at the seaside. If you are looking for a perfect soundtrack for your journey that will enhance your party mood, here you can play an energetic mix by Cumuli B2b Bvrton recorded for feeder sound episode 163.

Cumuli aka “Jemil Deep” is from Switzerland and Bvrton from Romania. These two friends work and live in Zurich, and together they create a lot of interesting music. Their influence is based on the vision to create music which has never been heard in the past. Psychedelic Harmonics, experimental sequences/arpeggiators, organic textures, massive basslines and groovy drum rhythms, could be the best description of their music. Together they release tracks at Perception Dub, a vinyl only record label founded by Cumuli. Their newest vinyl is a VA containing 4 pumping and powerful dancefloor bombs produced by Julie Marghilano, Petar Cvetkovic, Cumuli, Ra:h, Bvrton and Dragutesku.

“If you just listen closely, u can find music everywhere. Even alone in the forest or in the mountains. Silent meditation in nature gave us the deeper understanding about the effectivity from the musical elements and how they work on the human spirit. With our feeder podcast, we wanna tell you a story which could not be described in words. Just find out for yourself and enjoy.” – Cumuli & Bvrton

Hit play on feeder sound 163 mixed by Cumuli B2b Bvrton and you can get the chance to hear tracks from the mentioned VA mixed with other interesting, unreleased or remixes from Romanian artists. Stay happy! 🙂


Cumuli on soundcloud | facebook
Bvrton on soundcloud | facebook
Perception Dub on soundcloud | facebook
feeder sound on soundcloud | feeder.ro


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