feeder insider w/ Art Alfie & Mr. Tophat

feeder insider w/ Art Alfie & Mr. Tophat

feeder insider w/ Art Alfie & Mr. Tophat

feeder insider w/ Art Alfie & Mr. Tophat

Steady in delivering dance floor bangers with pulsating grooves, Art Alfie and Mr. Tophat are taking the house music scene by storm. Through a magically seamless collaboration marked by prolific productions and 6-hour sets rocking clubs all over Europe, the duo have gained firm footing among Sweden‘s most exciting and promising newcomers. In 2011 they founded Karlovak and proceeded to releasing magnetic tracks primed for endless club nights. With KRLVK2 spreading Chicago legend DJ Jes‘ West Coast house beats, KRLVK3 featuring Radio Slave underway and another tour on the horizon, we jumped at the chance to have a chat with the guys – enjoy!

keywords: indie, raw, fresh, thump

When we’re in the studio… we try to mix it up. Fun and focus. Spaced out and organised.
Breakfast should have…
Art Alfie: at least coffee and Nikotin.
Mr. Tophat: people who can eat the breakfast.
We dress to… get dressed and sometimes for other reasons.
It never hurts to… eat sand. Seen it on YouTube how a man in India lives on eating dirt and gravel. Quite impressive!
Nature is… not culture.
If there was one thing we’d change about the music industry… artists’ payment should be equal for each play. Not like now where major artists earn more for each play than indie artists.
Before a set, we always… try to relax or drink vodka.
Internet is to music as… as water is to lithium.
A secret place in Stockholm… Solna Hq. Small place for parties in the Solna subway station and of course Restaurant Lokes.
3 favorite songs of 2015…
Art Alfie: Minimono – Rapid Fall, Dj Jes – Malo, Edward – She Says.
Mr. Tophat: Robyn & La Bagatelle Magique – Love Is Free, Franck Roger – Freeze and maybe Jon McMillion – Dont It Make You).

feeder.ro: Hello, Oscar & Rudolf, it’s wonderful to talk to you. How did you both start working together on music? What was your first-ever concert?

Art Alfie & Mr. Tophat: Hi guys! We worked together at a bar in Stockholm. Not really sure when the first time we played together was. But it was a couple of years before Karlovak.

Art Alfie & Mr. Tophat
© The Mango Club

feeder.ro: What are some of your favorite programs to use for producing/DJing?

Art Alfie & Mr. Tophat: Logic, altough it’s sad it’s just compatible to Macintosh. But it’s a great tool, it’s without any doubt one of the most natural sound-softwares and with a very logic and advanced user-interface if you compare to Ableton for instance.

art alfie by patrik linden
© Patrik Linden

Mr. Tophat by Johan Avedal
© Johan Avedal

feeder.ro: Where does the subject matter or inspiration come for most of your music? Can you describe the writing process for your music?

Art Alfie & Mr. Tophat: Inspiration can come from everywhere, it’s just about how you treat the inspiration. Hence the process looks different from time to time. There´s probably some common denominators, but it´s hard for us to tell.

feeder.ro: What artists and genres most influenced you starting out? How have they changed to inspire your work today?

Art Alfie: When I first got in to dance music it was the tribal and tech house scene of the millenium that intrested me. Some of that stuff is still valid. Unfortunatly a lot of those guys don´t really do anything interesting today.
Mr. Tophat: Special-K!

Kiloton night
© Kiloton

Interview by feeder.ro x Amanda Kaiser

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