Bucurie – soundtrack for a mural painted by Bea Hopes in Iași

Un-hidden Romania x Bucurie (soundtrack) x Bea Hopes (mural) - UHR003 articol

Bucurie – soundtrack for a mural painted by Bea Hopes in Iași

The Un-hidden Romania project reaches Iași where visual artist Bea Hopes recently painted a large and beautiful mural to which an immersive soundtrack composed by Bucurie is associated as part of our ongoing urban art project. Her vivid colours and shapes are smoothly associated with the aesthetics of electronic music, proposing an antithesis between the real and virtual environments.

Un-hidden Romania is a cultural programme produced by Save or Cancel and co-financed by AFCN focused on urban regeneration through art, aiming to humanize public spaces in the country, promote their discovery and initiate direct exploration. The artistic intervention in Iași on the exterior of the Unirea Hotel was made with the support of Artipic Association. Previous projects feature collaborations between SANDi (mural) & Oana (soundtrack) in Brașov, Maria Bălan (streetart installation) & Adrian Drăguț aka Dragutesku (soundtrack) in Bucharest, Ortaku & Toybox also in Bucharest, a solo intervention by Pisica Pătrată in Constanța, as well as workshops with Serebe and Octav Avramescu.

The audio composition created by Bucurie for this mural sees the artist elegantly play with warm and spacious atmospheres, hypnotic synth melodies and an ever-evolving track progression. Subtle sounds and effects that can relate to urban landscapes spiral in and out of the arrangements while the steady-paced rhythm undergoes several breakdowns and buildup moments.

Bucurie (Concept, Depth Over Distance, Otaku) is also the one behind our record label’s 4th vinyl-only release Mirror Time EP that you can still find at some record stores around the world. We invite you to dive deep into his music as one of our guests on last year’s LIVE streaming sessions alongside visual artist iZZY iZVNE, complemented by his selection of own productions and unreleased tracks for the podcast series.

Bea Hopes (pictură murală) & Bucurie (compoziție audio) intervenție artistică multidisciplinară Un-hidden Romania la Hotel Unirea, Iași

Bea Hopes is mainly a mixed media and illustrative tattoo artist that likes to venture into various mediums, including street art & mural painting, digital art, drawing & sketching. Throughout time, she collaborated with projects like IndeZIDerabilii, RegenerARTe and Urban Art Caravan (in collaboration with Frag.menta).

Watch “the making of” and discover more about this multi-disciplinary artwork co-produced by Bea & Bucurie here.

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