Christopher Ledger, Pîrvu, Sublee, Cristi Cons, Topper, DeWalta – Family Jubilee III [Meander Records]

Various - Family Jubilee III [Meander Records]

Christopher Ledger, Pirvu, Sublee, Cristi Cons, Topper, DeWalta – Family Jubilee III [Meander Records]

The notorious Berlin-based label Meander announces part III of the Family Jubilee various artists series to arrive in May as a double release, this time featuring tracks from Christopher Ledger, Pîrvu, Sublee, Cristi Cons, Topper and DeWalta. With the first record published back in 2007, the imprint constantly provided carefully selected techno and house music to an international audience, enjoying massive support from the underground community. Aside from our protagonists, Meander’s extended catalogue also includes productions signed by artists like Pikaya, Alejandro Mosso, Ion Ludwig, Hreno, Kamran Sadeghi, Alci, Barac, Vlad Caia and Franky Greiner, among others.

The first part opens with Christopher Ledger & Pressure Point‘s “Astral Corp”, an uplifting and twisted microhouse cut designed with deep vibrations, subtle breakbeat drumming patterns and spacious breakdowns. The driving energy is passed over to the B-Side where “Ostinato” by Pîrvu drops a pumping stripped-down rhythm flavoured with a solid bassline and engaging vocal cuts that call for dancing. The closing cut “Parausted” sees local artist Sublee going for an ethereal ambient-oriented composition where the focus falls on the background textures and pads.

Side A of the second record features Cristi Cons with his intricate minimalistic journey titled “For No Reason” which reverberates through the frequencies at a steady pace as the vibrant percussion and playful synth work create a hypnotic rotation. On Side B we first find Topper with “Bell Without A Cow” revealing a swinging rhythm elegantly built with numerous microlayers and funky variations as well as DeWalta’s “Estromanium”, a driving piece set at around 128 bpm, carefully contrasted by warm ever-evolving textures and introspective effects.

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Artists: Christopher Ledger, Pîrvu, Sublee, Cristi Cons, Topper, DeWalta
Title: Family Jubilee III
Label: Meander Records
Cat. number: MEANDER030.1 + MEANDER030.2
Release date: 24.05.2021
Format: Vinyl

Words by AndreiB

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