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feeder sound 114 mixed by IULY.B

Today we travel all the way to Iași to meet IULY.B. He is rapidly making a name for himself with his distinctive musical style in the house-techno scene, having releases on well-known imprints such as Visionquest, Infuse, Memoria Recordings and Vatos Locos with David Gtronic.

Support constantly comes from heavy names in the scene like Raresh, Ricardo Villalobos, Praslea, Hector, Seb Zito, Enzo Siragusa, Franco Cinelli, Bill Patrick, tINI, Priku and many others.

His sound brings a space atmosphere sustained by strong kicks and dynamic basslines.

While it can serve just fine as a warm-up set for the weekend parties ahead, this mix has a good energy in it and it will almost certainly get you up to your feet. A spacey atmosphere sustained by some strong kicks, dynamic basslines and an overall dubby feeling make this a carefully constructed journey. Hit play and make your Friday evening better.

IULY.B: facebook // soundcloud
feeder sound: // soundcloud

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