feeder sound 422 mixed by Dibe

feeder sound 422 mixed by Dibe (rec at Bagatelle)

feeder sound 422 mixed by Dibe (rec at Bagatelle)

Hey feeders! We’ve got some exciting news for you. The latest podcast of the weekly feeder sound series, episode 422, recently recorded by Dibe at the Bagatelle Club in Zurich is online! 🔊

Dibe is the brainchild of Ukrainian producer Dima Belogurov, a luminary of the Ukrainian electronic scene now based in Zurich, Switzerland. With a rich discography spanning various labels and a distinct vision of modern electronic music, Dibe effortlessly blends minimal techno, microhouse, breakbeat, smooth dub, and electro to create a signature sound that captivates audiences worldwide. As the owner of the vinyl-only label Frequencies and co-owner of Aimed alongside Orbit and Cheise, Dibe continues to push boundaries and redefine electronic music with his innovative productions.

“I think it has something with genetics. I have been drawn to music all my life, although my parents, both musicians, didn’t approve of it when I was a child because they were afraid it would not bring me material success. For me, music is a light that I want to strive for. I am inspired by the music of other musicians, and create my music based on what I listen to, and hopefully inspire someone else as well. When I play in clubs and people like it there is an exchange of energy happening, my soul is alive at that moment and it’s like a path to something light. It’s spiritual growth in a way and that’s what you want to strive for. It’s a difficult time. Because of the war me and my family had to go abroad, our city was occupied in the first days of the war. My flat and my parents’ house were both destroyed. My family and I had to flee to save our lives. And music is the outlet for my feelings.”


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Words by ubic

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