feeder sound premiere + interview: Dibe – Particles

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feeder sound premiere + interview: Dibe - Particles

feeder sound premiere: Dibe – Particles

Get ready to embark on a sonic journey as Ukrainian producer Dima Belogurov, under his musical guise Dibe, unveils the mesmerising track “Particles” from his freshly EP, titled “Undisclosed Space.”

Particles” encapsulates the essence of Dibe’s sonic universe, where pulsating rhythms and ethereal melodies converge to create an otherworldly experience. As the second track of the EP, “Particles” invites listeners to delve deep into a realm where soundscapes morph and evolve with each passing moment.

For those craving an extra dimension, the EP also features a captivating Vox Version of “Particles,” offering a fresh perspective on the track’s celestial journey. Additionally, the EP boasts a remix by Vinaya, infusing “Particles” with new energy and sonic landscapes.

Artistically envisioned by Alexander Ermakov, the EP’s artwork is an original painting featuring grey and soft pink shapes reminiscent of buildings and a cityscape, set against a backdrop of deep black. Amidst this nebulous urban landscape, the main character emerges as a shadowy figure in the foreground, adding a captivating element of mystery to the scene. Ermakov’s expressive strokes intricately capture the essence of Dibe’s artistic universe, drawing viewers into a realm where sound and imagery intertwine seamlessly.

Particles is a testament to Dibe‘s prowess as a producer and his ability to craft immersive auditory experiences that resonate with listeners on a profound level. With its release on Bandcamp Exclusive 001, this track is set to leave an indelible mark on the electronic music landscape.

Scroll to listen to Particles and discover an exclusive interview with Dibe.

Don’t miss your chance to experience the magic of “Particles” and the entire Undisclosed Space EP. Secure your copy on dibe-music.bandcamp.com and prepare to journey into Dibe‘s the cosmos.

Interview with Dibe

feeder.ro: What motivates you to produce electronic music, especially during these times?

Dibe: I think it definetly has something with genetic. I have been drawn to music all my life, although my parents, both musicians, didn’t approve it when I was a child, because they were afraid it would not bring me material success. For me, music is a light that I want to strive for. I am inspired by the music of other musicians, and create my own music based on what I listen to, and hopefully inspire someone else as well. When I play in clubs and people like it there is an exchange of energy happening, my soul is alive at that moment and it’s like a path to something light. It’s a spiritual growth in a way and that’s what you want to strive for. It’s a difficult time. Because of the war me and my family had to go abroad, our city was occupied in the first days of the war. My flat and my parents’ house were both destroyed. My family and I had to flee to save our lives. And music is the outlet of my feelings. Recently I got a call from my friend Vinaya, who did the remix for this release and he was on a compilation on a new label I launched recently. He said to me: «I get calls from my friends from the frontline and they say «Guys, we listen to your music here, we’re so proud of you. You are doing great, keep on promoting our Ukrainian music and artists». After these words, I had tears in my eyes and a huge motivation to keep on working and doing something further.

f: What is the story behind this EP, independently released on Bandcamp?

Dibe: For a long time, my friends have been telling me that I should release on Bandcamp; it’s a new audience and new opportunities. Although I used to be keen on releasing only vinyl, now I’ve come to the point where I want my music to be released in digital format. I have a lot of new music that I want to share. Releasing vinyl takes a long time.

f: Did you have an idea you wanted to put out?

Dibe: My idea and goal are to do showcases of my label in Europe and raise money for Ukraine. Also, I have a longtime idea to make a compilation of famous artists from Europe and our musicians from Ukraine, release it on Bandcamp, and maybe on Aze Digital from my new label Frequencies. And send all the raised money to a charity fund in Ukraine. Also, I’d like to perform in Europe. So far, I had a gig in France, and in a week, I’ll play in Zurich. Hopefully, there will be more in the future.

f: Why did you choose the name Frequencies Records?

Dibe: I wanted to make it not just a name but a story. Like my nickname Dibe – It’s the first letters of my first and last name. And the name Frequencies has a lot of overlap with what I do besides music. I do post-production in the fashion industry. And one of the retouching techniques is frequency decomposition. It’s something I do every day, a part of my work routine, both in retouching and in music. There are frequencies both in the image and in sound, and I thought, “That’s it. That’s the name”. I like how it sounds too.

f: What is the relation between the title of the track “Particle” and music itself?

Dibe: I keep things simple with names. After creating the track, I send it to my friends and ask them to come up with a name for me. Sometimes I come up with it myself. First, the track is created, then the title comes.

f: How did you collaborate with Vinaya? Did you work together in a studio, or did you send the musical arrangements online?

Dibe: Vinaya is a good friend of mine. We met when I was on tour in Kyiv, back when I was playing with my friend Denis – we have a project called Orbit & Belogurov. Since then, Vinaya and I have been friends and exchange music. When I decided to launch a new label, I immediately knew that Vinaya would be on the first compilation. Also, when I decided to start releasing on Bandcamp, he helped me decide whether it would be better to upload one track at a time or make an EP for Bandcamp. We chose the second option, and I immediately got the idea for him to do a remix.

Artists: Dibe
Title: Particles
Label: Bandcamp exclusive
Cat. number: Bandcamp exclusive 001
Release date: 30.01.2024
Format: digital

Words by ubic

About Dibe

Dibe is the brainchild of Ukrainian producer Dima Belogurov, a luminary of the Ukrainian electronic scene now based in Zurich, Switzerland. With a rich discography spanning various labels and a distinct vision of modern electronic music, Dibe effortlessly blends minimal techno, microhouse, breakbeat, smooth dub, and electro to create a signature sound that captivates audiences worldwide. As the owner of the vinyl-only label Dibe, Frequencies and co-owner of Aimed alongside Orbit and Cheise, Dima continues to push boundaries and redefine electronic music with his innovative productions.

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