25 record labels to follow in 2023 (Part 2)

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25 record labels to follow in 2023 (Part 2)
With Part 1 up and still counting, here’s the 2nd Part of our list of 25 ROminimal & micROhouse record labels to follow in 2023 (Part 2)

The captivating sounds and artistic expressions emanating from the thriving underground scene surely deliver the vibes as well-established artists and rising talents continue to bring forward their unique visions when it comes to music-making and mixing.

Today we continue to explore the international electronic music scene, focusing on another 25 record labels out there that engage and promote the modern aspects of ROminimal & micROhouse sounds worldwide. Featuring a carefully selected roster of innovative vinyl-only and digital labels alike, get ready for another round of exciting discoveries as we delve deeper into Part 2 of this distinct editorial series.

Aimed – Orbit, Belogurov & Cheise

Founded in 2017 by Orbit, Belogurov and Cheise, Ukrainian record label Aimed continues to deliver top-quality underground electronic music even though the war still rages on. Expect some uplifting as well as immersive productions signed by the label heads themselves and Alex Pervukhin, Aron, Felipe Venegas & Alejandro Vivanco, Anton Kubikov and Miffy & Miller, among others.

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Animism Records – Ollie & Beal

With three releases signed by Bexu, Triptil and Modebaku, London-based Animism Records led by Ollie & Beal represents a collective of like-minded artists who share the same passion for minimal techno and microhouse music so expect fresh and surprising materials to arrive soon.

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Berg Audio

Inspired by lost monuments of the Soviet era carefully represented through the label’s artistic direction, Berg Audio focuses on exploring the realms of dub techno, elegantly incorporating influences from various other genres like minimal techno and microhouse. The imprint brings forward an extended catalogue showcasing artists like Pavel IudinGrad_UIuly.BRowlanz, Melodie, Nick BeringerLola PalmerTripmastaz, iO (Mulen), Barac and East End Dubs, to name just a few.

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Botanic Minds – Ted Amber

Ted Amber‘s relentless work in the underground electronic music scene has always been cherished by the worldwide community of DJs, producers and partygoers. Through his label Botanic Minds and side venture Botanic Minds Sunset Series, he brought forward inspiring works alongside artists like Rowlanz, Direkt, Sepp, Floog, Camelia and Barut. Watch out for the mysterious Only Music Matters platform!

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Cachonda Records – Dani Ramos

Berlin-based DJ and producer Dani Ramos presents “Como Te Extrano EP”, the first vinyl-only record out now in a limited number of copies on her freshly founded record label Cachonda Records alongside Tripmastaz on remix duties. We’re all looking forward to the next release coming soon this year.

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Capodopere – Suolo

With its first digital release back in 2013 and the first vinyl out in 2015, Suolo‘s well-known electronic music powerhouse Capodopere never ceases to amaze, as the label’s constant showcase events and spot-on releases surely deliver the vibes all the time.

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Caprices Music – Maxime Leonard & Kerol Kollom

The team behind the legendary Caprices Festival in Switzerland announces the first vinyl-only release to arrive from their freshly founded record label Caprices Music with Brizman at the controls alongside Silat Beksi and Tripmastaz on remix duties.

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Fantastic Friends – Nicolas Duvoisin

With more than 20 years of activity, Nicolas Duvoisin‘s well-known record label Fantastic Friends always delivered top-notch electronic music from numerous rising talents as well as established names in the scene and continues to do so, in both digital and vinyl formats.

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Intelligent Sound Records – Evgeniy Terzi aka Gals

Ukrainian record label Intelligent Sound Records headed by Evgeniy Terzi aka Gals was founded in 2019 with a focus on bringing forward inspiring minimal and microhouse music from all over the world. Both digital and vinyl releases include amazing productions from artists like Kame2, Komey, Kirik, Minube, Zenniv, Sakdat & Balaur, Ruven Medici and Knyazev, to name only a few.

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Koi Series & Re.Face Records – Togue

Exotic rhythms and textures, cosmic sonic journeys and deep organic soundscapes. That’s the best way to describe Togue‘s publishings on Koi Series, which include timeless releases from artists like RWN, Liro, Peshka, Core, Avidel and Cristi Murar. Aside from this daring side venture, Re.Face Records needs no introduction, as its digital and vinyl catalogue extends well over 50 releases.

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Memento Records – Idriss D

Founded by Idriss D back in 2006, Memento Records always delivers top-quality electronic music productions, memorable events and great A&R services worldwide. Among the collaborating artists we find Matteo Vanti, Danilo Vigorito, Danny Benedettini, Fabrizio Maurizi, Mirko Loco, DJ Rocca, Alfonso Leon, Eduardo De La Calle, DJ Sotofett and Marco Effe, to name only a few.

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Mezin – Crihan

Dreamed up and run by Alin Crihan since 2017, Mezin has so far delivered outstanding materials from the label head himself alongside Wareika, Simone Adinolfi, Herck and Soll. Expect the unexpected soon!

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With two solid 12″ records out there signed by Leanca and Vadim Oslov alongside Vid on remix duties, the Manchester-based events platform, podcast series and international community Mödum takes their musical journey to the next level right now. Make sure to follow!

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Nervmusic – Denis Kaznacheev

Nervmusic has been a beacon for the techno and house culture in Moscow’s nightlife since 2003, bringing music enthusiasts together and forming an independent movement. All along the way, the members of the team were searching for a unique sound that eventually led them to become a record label. In 2009 Denis Kaznacheev stepped into the game and throughout time he virtuously transformed the venture into the Berlin-based electronic music powerhouse that it is today.

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Since 2017, Moscow-based record label Otomoji has constantly dropped top-notch vinyl-only materials from artists like Dragutesku, Hipp, Anamorph, Prajescu and Vadim Oslov, along with two Various Artists compilations.

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Perlon – Markus Nikolai, Thomas Franzmann (Zip) & Chris Rehberger

Perlon is a minimal techno/microhouse record label, founded in 1997 by Markus Nikolai, Thomas Franzmann (Zip) and Chris Rehberger in Frankfurt and is currently based in Berlin. It is often recognized as one of the genre-defining labels in the world of minimalistic and experimental techno. All releases are physical only (vinyl and CD), and not available for download. The catalogue includes works from Ricardo Villalobos, Fumiya Tanaka, Melchior Productions Ltd, Wareika, Maayan Nidam (The Waves), Baby Ford, Stefan Goldmann, Akufen, Pantytec, Dandy Jack, A Guy Called Gerald and many others.

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Rawax – Robert Drewek

Headed by Robert Drewek and based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Rawax offers an extended catalogue of a wide variety of electronic music signed by a lot of well-known artists as well as rising names from all over the world. The sounds are released through the main label and Housewax, Chiwax, Dubwax, Microwax, Electrowax, Pleasure Zone, Eat More House and Houseworx sub-labels.

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Rowle & Abduction – Dubfluss

Managed by Dubfluss, Rowle and its sublabel Abduction have been a beacon for quality electronic music for quite some time now, having a distinct approach when it comes to pressing vinyl which includes the amazing artworks of Juli Jah as a part of the whole concept. Find out more from our EP Reviews for Vern, Bazmann (Nils Weimann & Stephan Bazbaz), Romar, RWN and Abduction004 VA.

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Savor Music – Jorge Savoretti & Cape

Argentinian record label Savor Music has steadily made it international, being well-managed by Jorge Savoretti and Cape in collaboration with many renowned artists, event producers, A&R platforms and all partygoers who enjoy their uplifting and carefully crafted sounds. The imprint’s catalogue counts well over 40 titles in both vinyl and digital formats.

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Serialism Records – Cesare vs Disorder

With almost 14 years of activity in the international electronic music scene, Cesare vs Disorder‘s Serialism Records constantly delivers vinyl and digital releases, memorable showcase events as well as various other treats and surprises for the people.

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Sounds of Sirius – Herman Saiz

Based in New Zealand with Chilean roots, Sounds of Sirius aims to deliver top-quality underground frequencies from a cosmic galactic collective council of star beings from the Sirius Star System. The first 5 titles are signed by label head Herman Saiz alongside Etro Hahn, Guy From Downstairs, Denis Kaznacheev, Silat Beksi and Venda.

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UVAR – Nu Zau & Sepp

Headed by Nu Zau and Sepp, UVAR is widely known for its unforgettable showcase events and timeless releases signed by prominent figures in the local scene, such as Arapu, Vlad Caia, Crihan, Ada Kaleh, Barac, Livio & Roby, Andrei Ciubuc, Direkt and Vid, among many others. The Black Series and Various Artists LTD Series are complementary.

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Verum – Brandon Andrews, Kenny Hope & Violeta Benitez

The freshly founded American record label Verum enjoys two vinyl-only releases until now, a first VA featuring Triptil, Bryz, Lulla and Venda and a second EP signed by local artist Macarie, now in pre-order.

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VRNT – April Terry

Based in Calgary, Canada, VRNT is headed by April Terry aka Topology and aims to connect the local scene with an international audience passionate about modern electronic music with a focus on minimal, microhouse and closely related genres.

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Yoyaku – Janeret & Varhat

Yoyaku is a Paris-based record label, record store and booking agency, founded by Janeret and Varhat. Since 2015 the main label and all its sub-labels have been releasing over 100 EPs, LPs and VAs on vinyl, bringing to light a vast spectrum of artists from the alternative and underground scene with a particular taste for electronic music.

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Words by: AndreiB

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