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feeder sound exclusive premiere: Felipe Venegas & Alejandro Vivanco – Andes Marte [Aimed]

Ukrainian record label Aimed returns with CSM EP signed by Chilean artists Felipe Venegas and Alejandro Vivanco, a steaming three tracker designed with melodic minimalistic sounds and engaging rhythms. The 12” comes in a limited number of pressings and includes a groovy remix from French DJ and producer Terence Terry. Founded in 2017 by Orbit, Belogurov and Cheise, the imprint dispatched a series of Various Artists compilations so far featuring works from the likes of Miffy & Miller, Chris Carrier, Faer, Dixia Sirong, Consep, Cesare vs Disorder, Andrade and Anton Kubikov.

Felipe Venegas is well-known for his releases with Drumma Records, Cecille, Cadenza, Leftroom, Fumakilla and Melisma as well as for the vibrant selections he delivers all around the world. He played in renowned venues like Fabric, Club der Visionaere, Watergate, Pacha Ibiza and found himself on the line-ups at festivals like Time Warp, DGTL, Creamfields and Magik Garden. Alejandro Vivanco grew up spending a lot of hours in front of the stereo while being surrounded by his father’s huge jazz records collection. When he was a teenager, he played electric guitar in several school bands and in 1993 he created the band “Pequeñas Particulas” in the underground scene of Valparaiso where he performed as a bass player for seven years. In time his interest switched to electronic music and machines, leading to the creation of his solo project Telepong, focused on Detroit & acid house. Experimenting with modern rhythms remained his passion until today when you can find his works published by Eukahouse, Sound Architecture, Supernature, Inmotion Music, Fantastic Friends Recordings, Æternum Music and Heisenberg, to name only a few.

We’re very excited to exclusively premiere “Andes Marte”, an amazing collaboration between the two artists who crossed paths in the past as well with amazing results. The EP is already appreciated worldwide so enjoy the full-length track on feeder sound:

Infused with a solid throbbing bassline and playful synth notes, the cut builds tension through intricate sequencing and layering, bringing the core elements in and out of focus. The percussion is varied, going from uplifting moments to a steady paced beat while subtle micropatterns are heard in the background. A great tool for any kind of dancefloor right here!

Side A of the vinyl is taken by “CSM”, a house-oriented composition that draws influence from both the classic and modern sound. There are acidic and progressive touches embedded into it, bringing forward a fresh approach. The remix dropped by Terence Terry reveals a deeper vision, with eerie vocal samples included, dark pads and textures, as well as elegant breakbeat insertions in the percussion. A smooth electronic piece coming from La Vie En Rose founder to complete the release.

Grab your copy of CSM EP on deejay.de.


Artist: Felipe Venegas & Alejandro Vivanco
Title: B2. Andes Marte / CSM EP
Label: Aimed
Cat. No.: AIMED003
Release date: 12.07.2019


Words by: AndreiB


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