premiere: Terry Usher – Coming on Strong [Rawax]

feeder sound premiere: Terry Usher - Coming on Strong [Rawax] - RAWAX023LTD

feeder sound premiere: Terry Usher – Coming on Strong [Rawax]

Get ready to burn the dance floor this summer with Terry Usher‘s latest EP ‘Dedicate’! Released by Rawax on March 18th, this EP comprises four tracks that are sure to get you grooving. Packed with old-school jungle, breaks, garage, and other magical elements that evoke the ‘90s raves, these tracks are designed to keep you on your feet all night long.

We are more than happy to premiere the track Coming on Strong so you can enjoy it in full length.

When making my Rawax debut EP, Dedicate, the likes of Manix, DJ Seduction and Mickey Finn were in constant rotation. The sounds of 90s UK Hardcore, Italo-House and the soulful intros of Frankie Knuckles and Clivillés & Cole are a huge feature in some part throughout each track. ‘Moanin’’ is the best example of all these pieces brought together into a whole. I miss hearing piano intros, so I will unapologetically include them at times in my music, because, to be frank, I love them.

I used Manix-inspired breakbeats on ‘Got to Know’, and ‘90med’ (a nod to the legendary ‘90s Medicine’ Instagram page that fed me so much music), to drive house melodies and chord-stabs. ‘Coming on Strong’ is another nod to the early rave scene. I always loved the live sound of crowds on records such as Baby D’s  ‘Let me be your Fantasy’, and live Emcee shouts and record scratches always felt like a true early rave feature. The reason I use breaks so much is that there’s something about picking apart a breakbeat sample, rearranging, stretching and manipulating it that is, and was, so much fun throughout this EP. The biggest fun however is feeling like, just for a minute, I can play the piano.

feeder sound premiere: Terry Usher - Coming on Strong [Rawax] - RAWAX023LTD

A professional player would likely want to lift the keyboard, swing, and break the plastic ivories over my head after watching me fumble across the keys like a mad monkey on a typewriter. But thankfully, before the angered piano man could take a frenzied swing, I managed to send enough tracks to a man named Robert Drewek who happens to run a pretty important label over in Frankfurt, Germany: Rawax. And for that, I’m thankful. There seems to be something about Liverpool and Germany’s relationship: The Beatles and Hamburg, Jurgen Klopp and my beloved Liverpool FC, and now… myself and Rawax?

My German is no better than my piano playing, but sometimes you get just lucky enough to sound like you know what you’re doing. So, to Rob, Matt, Rawax and anyone who feels excited enough to own Dedicate, Danke.

Terry Usher

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feeder sound premiere: Terry Usher - Coming on Strong [Rawax] - RAWAX023LTD

Artist: Terry Usher
Title: Dedicate
Label: RAWAX
Format: Vinyl 12″
Release date: 18.01.2024

Terry Usher on soundcloud / instagram / youtube
Rawax on facebook / instagram / dbh

Words by ubic & nwt

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