Bubba Brothers – Feel Like A Zombie EP [Mossdeb Sounds]

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Bubba Brothers - Feel Like A Zombie EP [Mossdeb Sounds]

Bubba Brothers releases Feel Like A Zombie on Mossdeb Sounds

Step into the world of refined sonic exploration with Mossdeb Sounds as they unveil Bubba Brothers latest EP, “Feel Like A Zombie.” This meticulously crafted release blends full-throttle house vibes in a captivating fusion, showcasing the duo’s unparalleled artistry in crafting melodies that deeply resonate with discerning listeners.

A standout feature of this EP is Eliseu’s vocal delivery, deftly navigating the emotional landscapes that emerge after a night of revelry and indulgence. The lyrical depth delves into the introspective aftermath of excessive celebrations, presenting a poignant narrative that speaks with sincerity and depth, particularly evident in the introspective track, “Hangover.”

Feel Like A Zombie” stands as a testament to Bubba Brothers musical evolution and artistic sophistication. Through this refined two-track EP, the duo showcases their polished talent and distinctive sonic identity, marking a significant milestone as they celebrate their illustrious 10th anniversary.

Set against a backdrop of performances spanning the globe and an ever-expanding musical repertoire, this EP not only signifies Bubba Brothers’ growth and musical prowess but also sets a distinguished tone for the next chapter in their artistic journey.

Join us in celebrating a decade of innovative soundscapes and memorable performances with Bubba Brothers’Feel Like A Zombie” EP. Let the infectious beats and emotive vocals ignite your passion for music, immersing you in a world where rhythm reigns supreme. Experience the epitome of house music craftsmanship with this exquisite release, a testament to the enduring spirit of creativity and excellence embodied by Mossdeb Sounds and Bubba Brothers.

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