feeder sound 420 mixed by Beckhäuser [Fratii.ro Records]

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feeder sound 420 mixed by Beckhäuser [Fratii.ro Records]

This upcoming Friday, we welcome Beckhäuser from Fratii.ro to set the stage with a captivating array of sounds, priming you for the weekend ahead.

Fratii.ro Records, a beacon in the realm of rominimal music, has consistently proven its dedication to the underground scene since its inception in 2018. Helmed by a passionate Brazilian enthusiast, Beckhäuser, the label has carved a niche for itself by fostering a vibrant community and delivering cutting-edge releases that push the boundaries of sonic exploration.

In a recent achievement, Fratii.ro Records secured the top spot in the Record Labels category of the feeder sound 2023 polls series, a testament to its significant impact on the electronic music landscape. As we applaud Fratii.ro’s recent recognition in the feeder sound 2023 polls, it’s evident that the label’s journey is one that resonates deeply with those who find solace and inspiration in the ever-evolving world of underground electronic music.

Fratii.ro Records stands at the forefront of the rominimal music scene with three dynamic initiatives that underscore its commitment to innovation and diversity, building bridges between cultures and connecting minds through the universal language of music. First and foremost, the vinyl-only limited edition series, FRTLTD, is on the cusp of its 4th release, embodying the label’s dedication to pushing sonic boundaries. Notable releases include Enivrèz Vous’ Uninvited EP and the VA compilation featuring Herck, Denis Andreev & Vadim Oslov, Hipp & Greenn, and Ckb.

Simultaneously, 61 carefully curated digital releases are accessible on the label’s Bandcamp, a series that serves as a global showcase for emerging and established artists, including the likes of Brent, Etc.u, Razvan Iuga, Mormeci, Havvoc, Herck, Hendriks Toth, Enivrèz Vous, Son of Elita, Gabriel Magdelani, CL-ljud, Bread&Butter, Vlad Ivva, VID, Sensek, Nicolas Bouzas, and many others.

Complementing these efforts is Fratii.ro’s podcast series, Fratii.cast, now at its 134th mix, available on Soundcloud. This series showcases a rich tapestry of mixes by both established and upcoming artists, including Paul K, Gabor, Valentina Kovalenko & Vadim Pisarev, rmn, Katharine, Dryspirit, Clock Poets, Sható, and more, solidifying Fratii.ro’s role as a curator of eclectic and groundbreaking electronic music experiences.

“FRATII means brothers, as I consider everyone who has released on my label as family.

.RO means that I am focused on the Romanian sound style, culture, and individuals, that I am totally concentrated on ‘ro-minimal’ but always with my soul in the sound, dark, hypnotic, and groove.”



  • [FRT044] Amelia – Video Games (Denis Andreev Remix)
  • [FRT059] Dryspirit – Thunder
  • [FRT050] N&O – Deleted Messages (Denev Remix)
  • [FRT057] Beckhäuser, Amelia – Untitled 1 
  • [FRT055] Razvan Iuga – Las Autoridades
  • [FRT057] Beckhäuser, Cici – Target
  • [FRT051] Mastero – Toxina
  • [FRT061] ri:thm – Ode I4 (Altarf, Beckhäuser Remix)
  • [FRT044] Amelia – Amber ( Altarf Remix)
  • [FRT057] Beckhäuser, Rmn – Otohïme
  • [FRT058] Peter Zherebtsov – Ars Longa Vita Brevis (Abmain Remix)
  • [FRT056] Marino – Acouphène (Saav Remix)
  • [FRT044] Amelia – Torros (Beckhäuser Remix)
  • [FRTLTD004] Coming soon….
  • [FRT047] Dadou – Medieval (Herck Remix)
  • [FRT055] Firesc – A Way Of Thinking
  • [FRT055] Hendriks Toth – Bathroom Sounds

feeder sound 420 mixed by Beckhäuser captures the essence of Fratii.ro‘s sonic identity, where each track is a piece of a larger puzzle, contributing to the label’s narrative. Beckhäuser‘s mix is a carefully crafted sonic journey, featuring only tracks from Fratii.ro releases and painting a vivid picture of the label’s diverse catalog, blending styles and feelings seamlessly.

Beckhäuser tantalises listeners with an exclusive preview of one of the tracks from the forthcoming FRTLTD004 release, providing a glimpse into Fratii.ro’s commitment to sonic quality and innovation.

Fratii.ro Records on bandcamp | soundcloudinstagram
feeder sound on soundcloud | youtube | feeder.ro

Words by Cristina [random] & Andrei [ubic]

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