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Here are the results from our feeder sound 2023 poll series focused on minimal techno and microhouse music.

In 2023, the pulse of the minimal techno and microhouse music scenes resonated through five definitive polls that invited electronic music enthusiasts all over the world to participate. Here, we reached out to the collective voice of the public to define this vibrant musical domain.

The voting phase from our deep exploration of electronic music was based on this year’s extended lists of Mastering Services, Live Acts (Part 1 & Part 2), Record Stores, Electronic Music Festivals in Europe and Record Labels (Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5).

From selecting the finest mastering services, acknowledging the energy of inspiring live acts, recognizing the sanctuaries of vinyl collectors, pinpointing European festivals that draw thousands of participants and celebrating the driving force behind publishing musical innovations in the form of record labels, each poll carved a path to the preferences and choices of an international community deeply related to the rhythms and textures that define this distinct culture.

Here are the results from each poll, captured in a list of the first 10 most-voted options.

Mastering Services

DRG Mastering
RV Audio
Audio Services (Pheek)
Rob Small
Manmade Mastering
Dubplates & Mastering
In Haus Mastering
Vlad Caia

Live Acts

Ciphr (Max Jacobson, Christian Thomas)
Haokah (Madalin Voicu, Alexandru Paicu)
Ion Ludwig
Alexis Cabrera
SIT (Cristi Cons, Vlad Caia)
Sahau (Dan Andrei, Kozo and Paul Agripa)
Amorf (Cristi Cons, Vlad Caia, Mischa Blanos)

Record Stores

aktrecords.hu (HU)
Trenta 3 giri (IT)
black.round.twelve (DE)
deejay.de (DE)
decks.de (DE)
Misbits (RO)
hhv.de (DE)
Yoyaku Record Store (FR)
Juno Records (UK)
Elevate Berlin (DE)

Electronic Music Festivals in Europe

Waha Festival (RO)
Sunwaves (RO)
I Land Sound (EE)
Sonar (ES)
Glitch Festival (MT)
Exit Festival (RS)
Time Warp (DE)
Awakenings (NL)
UNUM Festival (AL)
Mysteryland (NL)

Record Labels

Fantastic Friends
Goodbye Royalty Records/Goodro Digital
Intelligent Sound Records
Serialism Records
Skip Audio
DUB Musik/DUB Musik Limited

As 2023 concludes, the results mirror the passion within the community, encapsulating preferences across continents. This is just a snapshot of a dynamic music scene and we’re definitely looking forward to next year’s updates! Happy NYE! ✨

Vlad Caia returns behind the decks at the Un-hidden Bucharest exhibition alongside Ortaku who engaged in a live-painting session. Find out more here.

Words by: AndreiB


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