25 record labels to follow in 2023 (Part 3)

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As we dive deeper into the international underground electronic music scene, here’s a list with another 25 record labels focused on ROminimal & micROhouse to follow in 2023 (Part 3)

As the beats of the underground electronic music scene continue to reverberate and evolve, we’re back with Part 3 of our enthralling editorial series, delving even deeper into the realm of ROminimal & micROhouse sounds and presenting another list of 25 record labels to be followed by seasoned connoisseurs or curious enthusiasts alike.

In this edition, we embark on a journey to uncover a fresh selection of record labels that push the boundaries of innovation and creativity. From well-established pioneers to emerging outlets, each imprint on this list has carved its unique path, delivering exhilarating musical experiences that will leave you yearning for more. So, brace yourself for another round of enchanting rhythms, hypnotic melodies and artistic expressions as we continue to celebrate the heart and soul of this beautiful community. Keep your ears open and your curiosity alive.

AKTA Records – Romain Proust

Created by Romain Proust in 2014, AKTA Records is always looking for new and inspiring sounds while collaborating with influential artists from the minimal and microhouse scene. So far their vinyl-only discography includes three Various Artists compilations featuring Silat Beksi, Crocodile Soup, Loxique, Plusculaar, Ramona Yacef, Eric (Dmitriev Ernest) and, of course, the label head himself as well as Hendriks Toth, Cosmic Clap and Lumieux, with their solo EPs.

soundcloud / facebook / instagram / website / bandcamp / discogs

Ambrosia Records

Based in Barcelona, Ambrosia Records brings forward a diverse palette of smooth electronic music sounds, from deep techno rhythms and textures to groovy minimal cuts and microhouse delights. Among the collaborating artists we find Osvit, Knyazev, Q’uwa, Alicia Hush, Jack Cheler, Firesc, Luminescu and Havvoc, among many others.

Ambrosia Records joins forces with the Ukrainian charitable foundation Voices of Children in order to raise funds for crucial psychological support for kids impacted by the war. This collaborative effort brings together a stunning collection of electronic music in the form of VA For Ukrainian Children signed by talented artists from all over the world, all united in their mission to aid children in Ukraine during these troubled times.

soundcloud / instagram / bandcamp

Ariki Records – Oana Puciu

Curated by DJ and producer Oana Puciu since 2016, Ariki Records always showcased an affinity for releasing top-quality electronic music, publishing inspiring productions from numerous artists from all over the world that explore various styles and genres, from ambient and experimental to smooth minimal techno and microhouse.

The latest release coming from the label, ARI006 Various Artists is available on Bandcamp, you can watch the feeder sound LIVE episode with Oana and Livi Po and still find the last few copies of FSRO003 Transmisiune Intergalactica in selected record stores worldwide.

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Bohrium Records

Since 2020, the Spanish imprint Bohrium Records stands out as a beacon for the international electronic music scene, bringing forward timeless releases on vinyl featuring artists like Cojoc, Dorothy’s Dream, Techu, Kpo, Origins Of Time, Lukea and an Unknown Artist on their limited White Series. The collective is formed by a dynamic and fervent vinyl lovers group who deliver their groovy vibes all across Europe, including our local Sunwaves, Mioritmic and Club Guesthouse locations.

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Concept Records – Larisa LLM

After several amazing digital releases, intriguing podcast transmissions and inspiring showcase events, Concept Records curated by Larisa LLM has recently written the next chapter of its story, going all out of vinyl with “Ethics VA” featuring local artists Bryz and Vern, French wizz-kid Lukea and UK’s Azire. The venture aims to promote fresh talents as well as quality music by established artists in the scene, exploring various styles and genres deeply rooted in minimal, microhouse and breaks.

soundcloud / facebook / instagram / website / bandcamp

DRG Series & DRG Limited – Dragutesku

Since 2017 DRG Series has been Dragutesku‘s playground for showcasing his own mysterious productions while DRG Limited was established in 2020 as an extension for his Dualism LP and “Prelude” EP alongside Search Dip so far and counting. The main outlet now counts nine limited vinyl-only pressings and the mixing and mastering services offered by the DRG Mastering side venture are highly recommended.

Dragutesku was also the one behind FSRO001 Suflet Prezent“, the first pressing released by feeder sound, as well as our guest for the first episode of our LIVE live-streaming series launched in 2019.

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DUB Musik & DUB Musik Limited

Italian record label DUB Musik and its vinyl-only compartment DUB Musik Limited have definitely passed the test of time, always publishing top-notch music from forward-thinking artists from all over the world. While their digital catalogue counts 25+ releases their vinyl series features three EPs signed by Mihigh, Vadim Oslov & Denis Andreev and local artist Vid. Stay tuned for more!

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Eastenderz – East End Dubs

London-based record label Eastenderz brings forward an outstanding viny land digital catalogue featuring some prominent names in the international underground electronic music scene as well as forthcoming artists from all corners of the world. Curated by East End Dubs, the imprint surely delivers the vibes in both vinyl and digital formats featuring artists like Priku, DoubtingThomas, Lizz, Viceversa, Arapu, Jack Wickham, VincentIulian and Vlad Arapasu, to name only a few.

Following the devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, some of the leading producers in techno and house music show their solidarity with this fundraising Various Artists compilation brought forward by the label. Find out more from our article and show your support via Bandcamp.

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Fafo Records

Sydney-based imprint Fafo Records lays out an outstanding digital and vinyl catalogue since 2020, bringing forward timeless productions from artists like Herman Saiz, Cirkel Square, Camilo Gil & Øne+1, Fardin Ameri, Nektar Agu, Felipe Martinez and many many others.

soundcloud / facebook / instagram / bandcamp / discogs

FloatingChord – Vlad Dinu & Boola

Stacking up two outstanding limited vinyl-only releases, FloatingChord presents “Zundp” and “Rhadoo Remixes” EPs, highlighting true underground delights with this series, presented by Vlad Dinu and Boola. Stay tuned for more 12″ delights soon!

facebook / instagram / discogs

Melliflow – Vera & Alexandra

Founded by Vera & Alexandra, the Berlin-based record label Melliflow surely delivers the vibes, showcasing steaming productions from asrtists like Z@P, AK41 (Dan Andrei & Kozo), VRAC, Spacetravel (Luca Cara) and Fede Lijtmaer, among others.

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Never Is Eternal – Chech & Bazait

Founded by Chech and Bazait, the Spanish imprint Never Is Eternal is well-known for its commitment to the sounds of minimal techno, microhouse, deep house and closely related genres. Among the collaborating artists we find Vlad Bretan, Nicolas Barnes, Enzo Leep, N&O, Jacobo Saavedra, Majhu, Alffie, Pheek, Direkt, Vern and Vincent Casanova, among others.

soundcloud / facebook / instagram / bandcamp

PhonicHouse1 Records

With a solid presence in both local and international electronic music scenes, Romanian label PhonicHouse1 Records constantly delivers top-quality sounds in collaboration with some of the world’s best-known producers as well as rising talents alike, in the form of digital and vinyl releases, showcase events and inspiring podcasts.

soundcloud / facebook / instagram / bandcamp / discogs

Rhanamh & Maru – Zac Shanahan

Australian record label and podcast series Rhanamh has been making waves since 2020, always delivering top-notch minimal and microhouse music to the people. Their three vinyl releases so far feature userUNKNWN & Soyro, Silat Beksi, Balinsky, Direkt, Daniel Broesecke and VincentIulian. Each pressing arrives in a limited number of only 300 copies and enjoys massive support from many artists on the international scene.

facebook / instagram / discogs

Sanguina Records – Michel Degen

Founded back in 2018 in Switzerland by Michel Degen, Sanguina Records runs a main Various Artists compilation series, a secondary Black Series and an Unknown Artist series, focused on minimal, microhouse and closely related styles. Among the collaborating artists, we so far find Mikhu, Kepler, Prajescu, Fictiv, Herck, Fulvio Cala, Kirik, Macarie, Bucurie and dot13, while other pressings remain untitled and uncredited.

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Sofiamuzik – Justin Page

Justin Page’s freshly founded record label Sofiamuzik set sail last year with “Shpoon Than EP” by Xandru with Suciu on remix duties, followed by an amazing Various Artists compilation featuring Nima Gorji, Guy From Downstairs & Funk E, Dragutesku and Yair. Stay tuned for more soon!

soundcloud / facebook / instagram / website / discogs

Sonet – James Reid

Sonet is a vinyl-only British imprint founded by James Reid which sets out with the goal of putting forward captivating underground music from the deeper end of the electronic music spectrum. So far the label counts seven titles showcasing solo materials by Gruia, Olivier Romero, Ciprian Stan, Rares Romanov, Root and two Various Artists’ compilations that bring Ckb, Dudley Strangeways, Mortalyf and Denis Andreev to the publishing roster.

soundcloud / facebook / instagram / discogs


Promoting underground electronic music and hosting weekend parties with emerging or established local and foreign artists alike, the Stackenschneider nightclub and record label are based in the central area of St. Petersburg, close to all the main touristic attractions. So far the imprint published four vinyl-only Various Artists compilations and one EP by Low Tape.

soundcloud / facebook / instagram / discogs

Suleiman Records & Aissa Records – Darem Aissa

Based in Montreal and curated by Darem Aissa, The Canadian boutique label Suleiman Records aims to bring forward inspiring electronic music to the people and so far published outstanding materials from artists like Tadeo Catzin, Andrew McDonnell, Onur Ozman, Pheek, Jay Tripwire, Mathias Schaffhauser, Cesare vs Disorder, Valeria Croft, Alexi Delano and Butane, among others. The artwork for the label is provided by MID Studio and there’s also a vinyl-only sublabel in the game in the form of Aissa Records.

soundcloud / facebook / instagram / bandcamp / discogs

Sushitech & Pariter – Yossi Amoyal

Berlin-based record label Sushitech was founded in 2005 by Yossi Amoyal and surely has an impressive extended catalogue focused on house and techno music. Throughout time the imprint published 60+ vinyl materials, numerous digital releases and organised memorable showcase events in various locations around the world. Pariter and Sushitech Purple are the main sublabels, with equally impressive discographies.

soundcloud / facebook / instagram / bandcamp / youtube / discogs

Trance Pandemic – Komponente & Kurilo

Ukrainian record label Trance Pandemic was founded in 2020 by Komponente and Kurilo in order to publish their own collaborative productions. The artists are already well-known for their distinct approach to electronic music and their contribution to both their local and international underground scenes. With productions out on Tvir, Kultura Zvuka, Spaziotempo, Body Parts, Blindtone or Mung Records, the two artists have constantly pushed the boundaries of techno, house, trance and breakbeat while adding a groovy acid touch to their sound.

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Ú Series – Modebaku

With the first vinyl pressing signed by the Italian project Iwou (Andrea Landi, Locic, Niki Bertullo) out in 2020, the London-based Ú Series followed up with another four top-quality releases from label head Modebaku, Ali Demir, Ema Remedi and Stan Yaroslavsky. Stay sharp for more!

soundcloud / facebook / instagram / bandcamp / discogs

UNS Records – Unisson

Launched in 2019 by Alex Draghici and Teodorescu Nicolae aka Unisson as a playground for their own productions, UNS Records now counts five vinyl-only titles showcasing the duo’s studio work alongside collaborations with artists like Nu Zau, Direkt, Funk E and Ogeid.

Unisson are also the ones behind our latest vinyl-only release FSRO005 Neverending Story EP while on October 16th 2021, the online vernissage of the Street Art Bucharest exhibition brought them and SANDi together for a 2h live performance that mixed live painting with the duo’s own productions set.

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VDK – Odette

Established in 2019 by Dutch DJ and producer Odette, so far VDK published two EPs from its founder, two uncredited records and one impressive VA featuring Corrie, SY and Terry Francis. A digital side venture has also been founded in the form of VDK DGTL, counting ten releases until now.

soundcloud / facebook / instagram / bandcamp / beatport / discogs

Visionquest – Shaun Reeves, Ryan Crosson, Lee Curtiss, Seth Troxler

A true beacon for modern techno and house music, Visionquest was founded in 2011 by Shaun Reeves, Ryan Crosson, Lee Curtiss and Seth Troxler, bringing forward numerous memorable showcase events around the world as well as 80+ records which include productions signed by artists like Ema Remedi, Benoit & Sergio, Tale Of Us, Guy Gerber, Mirko Loko, Butch, Laura Jones, Wareika, Dinky, Deadbeat, Iuly.BAlexi DelanoPeshka and Floog, among many many others.

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Words by: AndreiB

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