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Unknown Artist - DRGS001 [DRG SERIES]

Last updated on October 24th, 2017 at 04:10 pm

Unknown Artist – DRGS001 [DRG SERIES]

”The deeper we go, the higher we climb.”

Now, more than ever, we tend to leave all the labels behind and get closer to sound and melody. A new mysterious label from Romania introduces DRGS001 of DRG SERIES, a 180g vinyl only release.

Hungry as ever for good music, feeder recommends a deep dive into the uncharted territories of Romanian house and techno, led by Unknown Artist.

Unknown Artist - DRGS001 [DRG SERIES]

Side A – Track A takes you from a mood to another, revealing a universe of emotions. The flanger percussion surprises with deep melodic touches while the acid is the cherry on the cake.


Side B has a flat baseline, injected with glitchy vocals and the church organ synth. It can surely match your nostalgia map and teleport you back to the fun, soulful 90’s.

Grab your copy at decks.de


Artist: Unknown Artist
Title: DRGS001
Cat. number: DRGS001
Release date: 13.11.2017
Format: Vinyl–only


Words by ubic



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