Modebaku – Kenzo EP [Animism Records]

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Modebaku - Kenzo EP [Animism Records] 01

Modebaku – Kenzo EP [Animism Records]

British electronic music outlet Animism Records returns with its third vinyl-only release in the form of “Kenzo EP” signed by Modebaku who drops three steaming dancefloor weapons for the people. Well-known for its ongoing podcast series and previous releases by Triptil and Bexu, the label is managed by Ollie & Beal and embodies the spiritual connection of everything around us with music at the heart of it all.

Vitas Merkel aka Modebaku is an internationally established DJ and producer as well as the one behind Hoxton Records, Dialogue London and U Series Records. Aside from the works released via his own playgrounds, throughout the time we also find him collaborating with labels such as Perceive, The Senss, Ventriloc, Deep Tech Records, Yoruba Grooves, DubGestion, Whoyostro, LDN Trax, Baile Musik and Teleport, among others.

The record’s mood and groove are set by the title track “Kenzo”, an energetic composition designed with warm and chugging drumming patterns, warped vocal samples and a bouncing rolling kick/bass combination that imbues the track with even more drive.

On the flipside the journey goes even deeper and gets all twisted around with “Diod” diving into serene atmospheres flavoured with gritty distorted tones, subtle reverberated pads and a rolling bassline that supports the steady-paced beat while the closing cut “Ratty Puls” takes on a more scatty rhythm carefully woven through trippy mid-range frequencies and effects, highly modulated vocal samples and well-placed breakdowns for short yet much-needed breathing moments.

Listen to the snippets and grab your copy of Kenzo EP at

Artists: Modebaku
Title: Kenzo EP
Label: Animism Records
Cat. number: ANI003
Release date: 09.02.2023
Format: Vinyl-only

Words by AndreiB

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