dot13 – (don’t) trip on the caravaggio EP [Podvodo Records]

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dot13 - (don't) trip on the caravaggio EP [Podvodo]

dot13 – (don’t) trip on the caravaggio EP [Podvodo Records]

Slovenian electronic music venture Podvodo Records announces its first vinyl pressing to arrive soon in the form of “(don’t) trip on the caravaggio EP” signed by local DJ and producer dot13 in collaboration with Calinie and Sebb. This moment marks a new chapter for the imprint which was launched back in 2019 and brought forward several digital releases from artists like DubluD, Haldous, Nanonoise, Metafore, Andrei Voica, Nistoroiu, Baban, Dramachine, Stefan Baghiu, Jemmi, Nicolas Barnes and label head Papilla among others.

Cosmin Adrian aka dot13 has been at the forefront of underground electronic music for quite some time now, always delivering distinct soundscapes that blend minimal techno, microhouse and breakbeat sounds. Throughout time, he collaborated with labels like Darkotix, Sanguina Records, The Lab,, Storytellers, PhonicHouse1 Records, H24 Records, Zebra Records and Into The Wizard’s Sleeve.

Moving sideways from the usual techno or house rhythms and textures, the EP drops a massive sound carefully crafted with meandering broken beats, solid basslines, trippy background atmospheres, subtle electro influences and a pinch of experimental. Opening the record, “Shaolin Satellite” rumbles through the frequencies with style laying out a smooth steady-paced journey where incisive bass stabs meet gritty beats and bright pads while the following cut “Doors Of Perception” with Calinie goes fully psychedelic, combining jungle drumming patterns with warm and melancholic background constructions, teleporting the listener back to the ’90s rave era in an instant.

Flip and no skip, as B1 “Take My Soul” with Sebb drops an electric composition that surely provides a funky swing designed with delicate jazzy bursts, twisted effects and a deep feeling of nostalgia provided by what seems to be Gnarls Barkley’s voice, sampled with great care in order to provide a hypnotic dive. Closing the 12″, “Destroy The Wicked” drops an unexpected uptempo breakbeat affair flavoured with old-school elements that can take any dancefloor by storm if played at the right moment.

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Artists: dot13, Calinie, Sebb
Title: (don’t) trip on the caravaggio EP
Label: Podvodo Records
Cat. number: PVV001
Release date: 01.03.2023
Format: Vinyl-only

Words by AndreiB

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