Rares Romanov – Digital Awareness [Sonet]

Rares Romanov - Digital Awareness [Sonet] 01

Rares Romanov – Digital Awareness [Sonet]

The fourth pressing to arrive from the vinyl-only label Sonet features local artist Rares Romanov unleashing a solid minimal sound with “Digital Awareness” EP. The four-tracker reveals an excellent sound design combined with clever percussion, dubby basslines and unique synth work that will keep your ears entertained and your body moving. Early support comes from artists like Silat Beksi, Direkt, Herck, Sepp, Swoy, Prajescu, Sensek, Dudley Strangeways, LOY and Annie Errez.

Sonet Music is a newly founded imprint by James Reid which sets out with the goal of putting forward captivating underground music from the deeper end of the electronic music spectrum. While Gruia’s “Some Kind Of Heaven” was the first entry in the catalogue in 2019, last year two EPs have been published, one by Olivier Romero and one by Ciprian Stan. Rares Romanov‘s latest material makes a great addition to the label’s discography as well as to the artist’s own journey, which includes publishers like Elarum, Ukiyo, Na Zrak, Abduction, Red District and his own playground Dynastique, to name just a few.

Side A opens with the title track “Digital Awareness”, a steaming roller designed with a quirky drumming pattern in focus to which numerous microlayers are added. Here, the complementary warping effects create an eerie dimension while the spacious breakdowns elegantly boost the groove with even more power. Following, “Ca La Market” switches gears and drops a funky composition with an uplifting vibration, perfect for the dancefloor.

On Side B we first find “Double Dash”, a pumping stripped-down cut where the panning creates a hypnotic effect as the wax spins with energy. The heavily modulated vocals add subtle dark tones while the flow goes cosmic with each variation. Closing the wax there’s “Meschine Society”, a proper dancefloor weapon designed with a strong bassline in focus, groovy percussion, swinging synths and tripping background flips. A highly recommended 12″ right here for minimal lovers, selectors and collectors alike!

Listen to the snippets and grab your copy of Digital Awareness EP at deejay.de.

Artist: Rares Romanov
Title: Digital Awareness
Label: Sonet
Cat. number: SONET004
Release date: 19.01.2021
Format: Vinyl-only

Words by AndreiB

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