Herck – Agony EP [Simple Things Records]

Herck - Agony EP [Simple Things Records] 01

Herck – Agony EP [Simple Things Records]

Russian imprint Simple Things Records presents yet another amazing release on their underground vinyl-only series, this time with local artist Sergiu Mario Cilibiu aka Herck at the controls. Titled “Agony EP”, the 12” reveals three deep minimal cuts designed with abstract textures and engaging rhythms which will definitely find their way to some lucky record bags. The label brings forward top-quality house or techno-infused music for quite some time now, having an extended digital and vinyl discography that features a lot of established artists as well as rising names in the game.

Herck needs no introduction as he’s well-known for his activity as a selector and producer in the electronic music scene. His latest productions on Always Bring Cash, Mezin, MUZI cartel, Botta Records and Curtea Veche link to a matured sound where out-of-this-world effects, quirky glitches and meandering synth work elegantly combine in order to form organic patterns and hypnotic soundscapes. This EP makes no exception!

Side A is dedicated for “Agony”, which, in spite of its title, drops a rather funky sound, subtly flavoured with heavily modulated ethereal vocal samples and twisted effects. The drumming sequences stick to a steady-paced vibration while the synth stabs and wobbling basslines drop a swinging dissonant melody, impossible to listen without moving your body.

On Side B first there’s “Vibrazium”, a chugging stripped-back piece where the focus falls on the numerous variations created by all the layers. The synth-based modulations fall into focus as the other chords swirl around the core elements at around 123 or 124 BPM with proper energy. “Cavernal” closes the wax on a darker tone, unleashing a slow-paced hypnotic rhythm powered by stretched arrangements, spacious background textures and ever-evolving complementary insertions. A must-have for minimal lovers right here!

Herck - Agony EP [Simple Things Records] 02

Grab your copy of Agony EP at deejay.de.

Artist: Herck
Title: Agony EP
Label: Simple Things Records
Cat. number: STUV004
Release date: 08.12.2020
Format: Vinyl-only

Words by AndreiB

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