Ciprian Stan – Love Songs For Dragons [PianoForest Records]

Ciprian Stan - Love Songs For Dragons [PianoForest Records] front

Ciprian Stan – Love Songs For Dragons [PianoForest Records]

Romanian imprint PianoForest Records releases electronic music that inspires their particular vision of sound under the name of “Love Songs for Dragons”. For the fifth instalment in the collection, local artist Ciprian Stan delivers four steaming cuts in the form of a double 12”, with each side dedicated to only one track. A smooth fusion of minimal and tech house, this drop adds even more energy to the label’s catalogue, so far powered by Alex Baciu, Pantec, Cipo, the Italian duo Alpi, and Dragos Ungureanu.

Ciprian Stan is a producer and DJ with a passion for house and techno beats, always showcasing a distinct and balanced sound, in clubs as well as in the studio. His works have been published by record labels like Minimalaysia, Body Parts, Sakadat, ID Music, Simple Things Records, Novus, Yarn, and numerous others. His music is minimalistic, infused with micropatterns and subtle glitches, to which mesmerizing textures and pads are added to create stories and soundscapes. He’s a more mysterious presence, yet a talented artist on the rise.

“Da-i Drumu” follows a laid-back theme, with long and deep pads that flow over a stripped-down percussion. The relaxed atmosphere leaves room for the heavy bassline to build tension from time to time and slide into the realm of deep minimal. A swift vocal sample adds a groovy note as the record spins.

“Concomitent” is designed more like a DJ tool, having only a few layers providing the essential sequences. The cut sounds like something out of a modern boombox, with a breakbeat influenced percussion and rap-infused samples. A bright pad comes in and out of focus, adding to a beautiful background.

“Basarab” unfolds as a hypnotic composition, with a dynamic melodic rhythm that will shake the dancefloor at any kind of party. The driving percussion is elegantly fused with layers of organic sound droplets, exotic chords, subtle bleeps and glitches, delivering an alluring vibe altogether.

“Gura Scurta” is yet another pumping cut, with an accent on wobbling pads and swirling effects. The 4/4 beat features a strong bassline that rattles the low-frequencies and builds to a funky vibe. The minimalistic arrangement is calibrated to draw the listener in, completing this musical journey on an uplifting note.

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Artist: Ciprian Stan
Title: Love Songs For Dragons
Label: PianoForest Records
Cat. number: PFR005
Release date: 02.11.2018
Format: 2×12” Vinyl-only


Words by AndreiB


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