premiere: Alex Baciu – Use motion (Ciprian Stan & Cipo remix) [21th Street Records]

Alex Baciu - Use motion (Ciprian Stan & Cipo Remix) [21th Street Records] 01

exclusive premiere: Alex Baciu – Use motion (Ciprian Stan & Cipo Remix) [21th Street Records]

Next up in 21th Street Records‘ digital catalogue we find Romanian DJ and producer Alex Baciu with “Sens Unic EP” alongside Ciprian Stan & Cipo, as well as label heads Entoniu & Agape on remix duties. The release follows a series of amazing releases signed by Danilo Schneider, Marcelo Rosselot and CL-ljud, laying out smooth microhouse sounds elegantly blended with deep house and deep tech nuances as well as a pinch of dub influences, in order to bring forward immersive sonic journeys.

Alex Baciu is well-known for his collaborations with PianoForest Records and their “Love Songs for Dragons” series, Derivat Records, Re.Face, Cabs Records, NG Trax and ANY1 Records. On this EP he meets once again with Ciprian Stan (Minimalaysia, Body Parts, Sakadat, Yarn) and Cipo (Pământ, Urban Gorillaz, Fake Records), with whom he worked before and surely delivered the good stuff. Closing the journey with style, Entoniu & Agape showcase a distinct take on one of the tracks.

While the original edit of “Use motion” presents an uplifting scenario infused with eerie pads and various mysterious effects and vocal samples, the Remix adds an extra swing, taking the sound into a groovy dimension powered by a wobbling bassline and hypnotic rearrangements of the layers. Best enjoyed with the volume up!

“Piders” on the other hand goes fully jacking, revealing an ever-evolving story placed on a high-tempo rhythm that will make anyone start dancing in seconds. Its Remix follows an equally diverse path, diving deep into dub and breaks, keeping to the energy yet offering a different perspective. Another highly recommended release right here for collectors and selectors alike.

Grab your copy of Sens Unic EP from Beatport.

Alex Baciu on soundcloud / bandcamp
Ciprian Stan on soundcloud
Cipo on soundcloud / beatport
21th Street Records on soundcloud / facebook / instagram / beatport
Title/Label: Use motion (Ciprian Stan & Cipo Remix) / Sens Unic EP / 21th Street Records
Release Date/Format: 30.08.2022 / Digital

Words by: AndreiB

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