feeder sound exclusive premiere: Reclame – Medita Distanza Da Simbiosi Aggregativa (Rares Romanov Remix) [Ukiyo]

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feeder sound exclusive premiere: Reclame – Medita Distanza Da Simbiosi Aggregativa (Rares Romanov Remix) [Ukiyo]

Italian DJ and producer Reclame drops “Sinoidi AD” on Ukiyo (浮世 / floating world) alongside Rares Romanov on remix duties. The EP features four original tracks, one of which is available as a free download. Designed with ever-evolving rhythmic narratives, complex arrangements and immersive atmospheres it’s no wonder it’s already supported by the likes of Fumiya Tanaka, Sammy Dee, Petre Inspirescu, Markus Fix, Crihan, Herodot or Viceversa. The imprint functions as an independent beacon for the underground scene for quite some time now, having an extended and acclaimed catalogue where you can find works from Maurice Giovannini, Randaru, Dani Labb, MJOG, Roar, He Did, Sebastian Eric, Ivan Lopez, Hostox, Lixir and Vincent Casanova, among many others.

Reclame started his adventure into the electronic music world at an early age, influenced by his older cousins that worked in underground clubs in a small north-eastern Italian town. At the age of 16, he buys his first mixer and record players and starts collecting vinyl while exploring various styles and genres rooted in modern techno and beyond. Throughout time, he connects with established and rising artists alike, starts touring across Europe and delivers outstanding productions with Moira Audio Recordings, Kosmophono, Repeat Black, Monoclap, Kina, MANDMS, Tzinah and his own venture Sulfate, to name only a few. For this material, he invites Rares Romanov to join in and deliver his distinct interpretation of the opening track “Medita Distanza Da Simbiosi Aggregativa” which you can enjoy with the volume up below:

While the original opens the EP with a solid intro based on eerie soundscapes that slowly evolve into a hypnotic steady-paced and swinging piece, Rares raises the tempo while keeping to the alluring aspects of all the layers. The elements continue their journey and morph into a strong driving vibration, perfect for peak time moments at any kind of party.

The other tracks are equally enjoyable and proof of strong production skills so we invite you to discover them by yourself by going to Bandcamp and grab your copy of Sinoidi AD. From otherworldly and abstract passages to deep and soothing drumming patterns the EP sure delivers, so make sure you add this to your collection!

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Artist: Reclame, Rares Romanov
Title: Medita Distanza Da Simbiosi Aggregativa (Remix)
Label: Ukiyo
Cat. No.: UKY022
Release Date: 06.09.2020
Format: Digital

Words by: AndreiB

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