Take a closer look at the 12 feeder sound live inspiring sets & paintings

feeder sound live streams project 2020

As the feeder sound live streams are coming to an end, you are invited to (re)discover the 12 canvases and dj sets painted and recorded during the last months. The feeder sound live project welcomed twelve musicians to perform beside twelve visual artists, blending their skills.

Let’s dive deeper into sound and art, carefully crafted to inspire and challenge new perspectives by Dragutesku & ERPS, Oana & Livi Po, Ada Kaleh & Kseleqoqynqyshy, Piktor & Irina Mocanu, Deez & Robert Obert, Teluric & Maria Bălan, Kozo & Irlo, Cr15tina & Aeul, Miss I & Pasr, Vlad Arapasu & John Dot S, Dan Andrei & Serebe, Bucurie & iZZY iZVNE.

The 12th episode was supposed to be the last one from the series, but the good news is on the way.

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feeder sound live Bucurie & iZZY iZVNE

Bucurie & iZZY iZVNE

Episode 12 / October 2020

Watch feeder sound live with BUCURIE & iZZY iZVNE and discover two talented artists from different fields working together.

“It was a nice and relaxing event in the company of warm and welcoming people. iZZY impressed me with her talent and imagination. Thanks again for this cosy experience. You are the best! Big up Feeder!”


Inspired by nature and its magical connection with us, Bucurie played a dynamic set mainly composed with his musical productions blended with a lot of unreleased tracks from his favourite artists. The entire set is a representation of his deepest and personal thoughts about music and sound.

It was perfect. First of all, I really want to thank you for always being organized. When I came in the first morning to the studio, I found a lot of materials, which you carefully prepared for me, though we agreed that I would bring everything that I need. It was delightful. 🙂 Thank you for all help till the end, especially the last evening, when I was already tired. (Thanks to Cristina for tea! it made my long way home much easier. 🙂 And really huge thank to the photographer for the final photos, they are so great. The most difficult part for me is always to take photos of my works; you made it easier).
I really missed all this impression, when someone is inviting you to his country to open one more entrance of your galaxy closer to them. These moments are always special, and your project was the only one which was not cancelled this year. So it was like a sun in all this pandemic situation. 🙂


With a deep graffiti background, iZZY iZVNE manages to combine multiple references and techniques in her works. She started the canvas from a black background, adding a lot of letters with different tones of pink & blue, made in a calligraphic style. After iZZY applied a layer of splashes, the painting got a sort of motion, and the eyes are attracted inside the black hole. The neutron stars and ice planets are describing a moving spiral divided in two galaxies with distinct properties.

feeder sound LIVE stream Dan Andrei & Serebe

Dan Andrei & Serebe

Episode 11 / Sept 2020

Last month, during the Romanian Design Week festival, we had the pleasure to welcome Dan Andrei & Serebe to merge their artistic abilities. You can discover the techniques used by Serebe when painting her cute, coloured and vibrant characters. At the same time, you can get dive deep in Dan Andrei‘s dj set, who will lead us into the world of contemporary electronic music. You can explore in-depth the music and visual art produced by local artists.

“Amprente / Fingerprints”

It was a lovely experience. Even though at the beginning of the session, I was shaking with emotions, I managed to relax quite quickly. The ink began to flow, the characters gradually came out, and the thoughts showed. Let‘s do it again. Your place or mine?


Soon we will publish the entire set recorded by Dan Andrei.

Watch the HD video on feeder.ro YouTube channel

feeder sound live with Vlad Arapasu & John Dot S

Vlad Arapasu & John Dot S

Episode 10 / August 2020

“Titled Simplicity of Defragmentation, the painting talks about the human condition in society, the understanding of space, colours, architecture, and its relationship with all this. When the chaos somehow sets in, you as an individual begin to defragment yourself, you may lose your identity, and the understanding we talked about above.”

John Dot S

Vlad Arapasu, the amazing producer behind the outstanding releases on vinyl labels like Subtil Records, Tooloop, Atipic Lab, Micro Orbit Records, EastenderzVivus Records, Uvar, Midas TouchUnic and The Senss, will guide you on a mysterious journey around underground electronic music. Along with the set, Vlad Arapasu dropped a few unreleased tracks and a wonderful production that will be released by Noodles.

Soon we will publish the entire set recorded by Vlad Arapasu.

Watch the HD video + making of

feeer sound live Miss I dj set & Pasr live painting

Miss I & Pasr 

Episode 9 / July 2020

Pasr started to work on this canvas just one day before the live session, applying a few layers of spray paint in smooth gradients. He continued by creating the main character by mixing two colours with light accents. During the live session, Pasr used a black marker, adding details and some music into the painting. The image depicts a bird flying in the sky, which associates the feeling of freedom with the emotions you usually experience while listening to music. At first sight, you can perceive that the circles are concentrated around the eagle inspired character. At a closer look, you can observe that the bird is flying out, escaping into the vast blue of the sky. With a minimalistic approach, almost like he is sketching, Pasr achieves both contrasting and vibrant colours, as well as soft and hard lines in a single image.

“When I say feeder.ro for sure is good energy. These guys are putting everything to make a lot of interesting projects, mainly representing music and street art from Romania.
Every time I go there, I have a very good connection with them, and I leave with a good vibe. 🙂

This time, for the last stream, I was a bit worried about what I will play, how it will be…even I had my selection from home, but there I felt so comfortable and time passed so quickly!! I was very excited about this project with music b2b drawing and came up with really really beautiful work!
I want to wish them to keep their path because I trust them and after so many years they are still coming with something fresh. ❤️”

– Miss I

Soon we will publish the entire set recorded by Miss I.

Watch the HD video + making of

feeder sound LIVE STREAMS with CR15TINA (dj set) & AEUL (live painting)

Cr15tina & Aeul

Episode 8 / June 2020

“An infinitely circled road, the evolution of feelings and dreams in the spiral of time floating through space”


“Hello everyone. I want to thank the feeder.ro team for the invitation and those who followed us. It was a very pleasant experience. The environment was very relaxing, and a warm welcome. I can say that because at one point I took off my shoes and mixed like that. I was at home. And I was very happy because I managed to play in two hours a mixed mix of my creations. Aeul is also a very talented artist and I found myself in the drawing from the painted space, drawn by him. I will return with an open heart to your studio when we collaborate. Until then, all the best and let’s stay with the souls tuned to the magical vibration of music. Kisses.”


Soon we will publish the entire set recorded by Cr15tina.

Watch the HD video + making of

feeder sound live with Kozo & Irlo

Kozo & Irlo

Episode 7 / May 2020

“The work captures a ritual dance in which entities of different natures take part. People, angels, demons, and animals rejoice together to be able to spend time and space outside architecture.”

– Irlo

Get hypnotized by Kozo‘s vinyl set, which will keep you inspired from the beginning until the end, with smooth and precise transitions. The intriguing selection is very carefully assembled, resulting in a masterpiece set. During the two hours mix, Kozo played rare records from Matthew Dear, Petre Inspirescu, Quizz that cover a wide variety of shades and colours of electronic music.

Watch the HD video

feeder sound LIVE STREAMS with TELURIC (dj set) & MARIA BĂLAN (live painting)

Teluric & Maria Bălan

Episode 6 / April 2020

“I was invited by feeder.ro to paint a big canvas (2×1.5 m) for one of their feeder sound live streams. Accompanied by Teluric‘s music I decided to illustrate this escape plan from the city pollution.”

Maria Bălan

“This set is inspired by my recent digging sessions – an excursion through some of my favourite artists’ work, old and new, sprinkled with a couple of my unreleased jams.”

– Teluric

Watch the HD video + making of

Un-hidden Romanina Culture robert Obert

Deez & Robert Obert @ Un-hidden Romanian culture

Episode 5 / January 2020

On the 15th of January, we celebrated National Culture Day by inviting the public to actively participate in two events organized simultaneously in Bucharest at Imbold Gallery and in Brasov at Visssual. Through an inspiring mix of cultural activities, participants and visitors discovered the Un-hidden Romanian Culture exhibition, experienced a live-painting session with Robert Obert and attended workshops such as linocut engraving with Maria Balan and stencils with John Dot S.

The set recorded by Deez reveals an organic blend of minimal techno and microhouse music. The arrangement of the tracks results in an engaging and reflective journey. 

Watch the making of

Closing Party Diploma x feeder sound with Piktor, Irina Mocanu, Eirwud Mudwasser

Piktor & Irina Mocanu @ DIPLOMA Closing Party

Episode 4 / October 2019

DIPLOMA and feeder.ro join forces to give you the festival Closing Party with the proper mix of art and sound performed by PiktorIrina Mocanu.

This untitled canvas painted by Irina Mocanu approaches a broad spectrum of topics, feelings, ideas and techniques, proving her versatility and passion. Here, she depicts the portrait of a creative person engaged in the process of painting with closed eyes emphasising the flow of information from the inner universe of imagination to reality.

Piktor‘s dj set reveals a steady-paced selection that builds tension by slowly going through quirky minimal arrangements, alluring microhouse sequences and dubby atmospheric tracks. The balanced percussive elements help create organic transitions, taking the listener into a deep journey for the mind, soul and body.

Watch the HD video

Un-hidden Romania street art exhibition with x Acuarela Kseleqoqynqyshy

Ada Kaleh & Kseleqoqynqyshy

Episode 3 / September 2019

In his painting, 🤍🏠🎧 “love house music”, Kseleqoqynqyshy displays a highly detailed out-of-this-world landscape, where Transylvanian houses become magical gateways for plants, animals and aliens that seem to gather for a party. The plane tree (Platanus) is used as a symbol to associate the flying vinyl records with the sound system, as in Romanian the word “platan” is used both to name the tree and as slang by DJs, to refer to a turntable.

“I enjoy a lot working with various layers of sounds that intertwine and embrace like a lotus flower.”

– Ada Kaleh

Watch the HD video + making of

 feeder sound live streaming with Oana and Livi Po painting

Oana & Livi Po

Episode 2 / August 2019

Livi Po explores the connection between humans and nature through vivid colours, textures and patterns that subtly represent the elements. Titled “YOU”, her work makes us think about the sophisticated order of things and how the layers of our reality are linked in harmony. Just like a flower is grounded into the earth and needs the Sun to exist, so are we, a fragile expression of something that is beyond words.

“I use music as therapy which means I connect to the source which unites us all, from where I send out peace, happiness and high vibes, LOVE.”

– Oana

Watch the HD video + making of

feeder sound live streaming with Dragutesku and ERPS painting

Dragutesku & Erps

Episode 1 / July 2019

Depicting a series of the iconic buildings in Bucharest covered with tags, ERPS painting is a tribute to the Romanian minimal scene mentioning many of the pioneers along side the young generation of underground artists like [a:rpi:r], Ada Kaleh, Alexandra, Andrei Ciubuc, Arapu, Barac, Bianca Mandoiu, BRYZ, Bucurie, Cally, Cap, Cezar, Charlie, Cosmjn, Cristi Cons, Cr15tina, Dan Andrei, Dana, Derek, Direkt, Dragutesku, Drt Pshrmn, Dubphone, Dubtil, Emi, Faster, Fengda Carisa, g76, Herck, Herodot, Incolor, Iuly.B, Jay Bliss, Kozo, Little Hado, Livio & Roby, Lizz, Los Bastoneros, Lumieux, Melodie, Mihai Pol, MP (Mihai Popescu), Mihai Popoviciu, Mihigh, Miss I, Motiv, Nu Zau, Oana, Oana Leca, Pagal, Paradoxal, Paul Agripa, Paul K, Petre Inspirescu, Piktor, Piticu, Platida, Plusculaar, Posh, Praslea, Premiesku, Prichindel, Priku, Primarie, Radu Mirica, Rares Romanov, Raresh, Rhadoo, Robert Apetrei, RQZ, Sepp, SIT, Sublee, Suciu, Teluric, Tight Cherry, Traian Chereches, Triptil, Tulbure, Unisson, Verzila, Vess, VID, Vinyl Speed Adjust, Vlad Arapasu, Vlad Bretan, Vlad Caia, Vlad Ivva and Xandru.

“I go with the flow, I’m not stuck on something. I also like to combine styles […] I do not follow the rules, I enjoy freedom; music means freedom.”

– Dragutesku

Watch the HD video + making of

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Words by AndreiB, Cristina Popa & Andrei Racovițan

Photo & Video by Petre Fall aka VJ VLC

Live streams by Vixi / Half is enough

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