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Sepp – Dansul Lebedelor [Kiria Records]

The first pressing brought forward by Kiria Records delivers two fresh cuts signed by local artist Teo Bajdechi aka Sepp, a well-established figure in the international electronic dance music scene. Titled “Dansul Lebedelor”, the 12” provides a balanced sound, with Side A going for a deeper rhythm while Side B reveals an uncanny electric discharge of frequencies.

Sepp stands out as one of the most influential Romanian artists when it comes to the modern aspects of house and techno music, being active as a DJ, producer, label owner and promoter of good vibes for more than seven years. His extensive discographic history includes collaborations with LOK Records, An|dromeda, BP Mind Series, Bleu Ciel, Ada Kaleh Romania, Curtea Veche, Pleasure Zone, Acm├ę, Rawax and many others. Aside from this, he co-owns Uvar alongside Nu Zau and manages Catren, Pelerin, Lied and several other projects, while also dropping wicked tunes under his Brind moniker, from time to time. When it comes to mixing, we all know the energy he packs, with his name present on major line-ups at numerous parties and festivals all around the world.

On Side A we find “Intr-un Ritm Suav”, a laid-back, melancholic statement, centred around classic percussion and overlapping harmonics. The textures evolve with warm tones to display, while spacious moments reveal intricate micropatterns and glitched sounds that swirl into complex algorithms, settling for a solid groover overall.

Side B, on the other hand, unleashes a furious dancefloor shaker in the form of “Intr-o Seara Joviala”, an engaging cut designed with strong electro influences, grungy effects and untamed variations. The drumming is intense and harsh, making this piece perfect for peak-time vibrant selections.

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Artist: Sepp
Title: Dansul Lebedelor
Label: Kiria Records
Cat. number: KIRIA001
Release date: 13.11.2019
Format: Vinyl-only


Words by AndreiB


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